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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The molding of the black pine

This small black pine passes for about 40 years.
Height about 5m(16ft). Width 2m(6.5ft).

It is the black pine of the personal house generally.

The black pine is fixed with a bamboo prop so that beautiful form can be regulated well.

Branches must be always pruned.

The sunlight is the thing which is the most important for black pines.


  1. i love pine trees. i have a pinus pinea in my garden. we have it pruned from time to time but not so beautifully. there are black pines along the road by the river/sea i take everyday to go to work. we also call them maritime pines.

  2. Que curiosas las ramas del arbol, muy sorprendentes, me gustan mucho.

    Bonito luagares.


  3. Ruma, me parece una fotografía muy bella.

  4. I really enjoy pines as well..the smell,and many a silhouette through branches. Interesting..forty years too but I didn't think of the form. We have many wild ones here.
    Hope you have a wonderful day! I'm heading out into a beautiful clear one today and hopefully I'll take something interesting? Regina-

  5. It's really very interesting the way to performed growing
    They beatifull trees

  6. Fascinating ... I had no idea what was involved in pruning these beautiful pines. Your photography illustrates so perfectly the art of caring for the trees. Thank you for teaching me. Carol

  7. C'est bien beau et tu sais j'adore la nature donc merci et bon dimanche

  8. Preciosas las dormas de lso árboles.
    Saludos y un abrazo enorme.

  9. So that is how it is being done.

  10. Qué maravilla como van moldeando el árbol para que tome la forma más bella, lindas fotos.

  11. I'm always suprised by the work of the japanese gardeners : they have such a way to transform nature to please the eye...

    I love your blog : you are a great photograph


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