Wednesday, March 22, 2023

" Ume " Japanese calligraphy


 " ( bai, or ume ). It is translated as plum, prune.
This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
semantic  (tree, wood)  +  phonetic  (every)

The tree to tell about spring of every year.
The Ume blossoms may be the roles.

" When we are in the midst of enduring fate, the truth is revealed. "
 Vincent van Gogh ( 1853-1890 )

梅の花 匂ふ春べは くらぶ山  闇に越ゆれど しるくぞありける

In springtime when the plum blossoms smell so sweet

even beyond Kurabu Mountain shrouded in darkness they stand out clearly

            紀 貫之 ( 872 - 945 )   古今和歌集

梅の花 なににほふらん 見る人の  色をも香をも 忘れぬる世に

In a world where people who see plum blossoms forget both color and scent

            大弐 三位 ( 999 - 1082 )   新古今和歌集

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Adonis ramosa


The Japanese name is Fukujuso.

Early spring glow

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Japanese apricot


Japanese apricot is the earliest messenger of spring.

 weeping plum

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Alright, let's go a hidden hot spring town


A hidden hot spring town in Japan's unexplored region. 

Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture.

Model of Spirited Away ( ghibli animation )

List of hot springs in Japan

My recommendation is Nyuto Onsen, Akita Prefecture, in winter.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Hello Kitty and winter season Shinkansen " Go " Japanese calligraphy


 " (gyō・iku). It is translated as go.
This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.


Pretty painted Shinkansen

This train is operated in JR West.

This train runs between Hakata and Shin-Osaka Station as Kodama trains at each station.

Here is Hakata Station in the early morning of winter.

Inside the Shinkansen car

Shinkansen ‘Go‘ ing through the snow !

The sight of soaring snow is impressive.
Be careful with the volume.

To live your best life is to keep looking for ways to live better.
Socrates (470 BC - 399 BC)

Do your best for what you can do today. 
Hopefully, we'll make some progress tomorrow.
Isaac Newton (1643-1727)

Thank you for your visit, always.  
I am always grateful for your support.

I love you.
sincerely yours.
From Japan.

Gracias por tu visita, siempre.
Siempre estoy agradecido por su apoyo.

te quiero.
sinceramente tuyo.
De Japon.