Sunday, September 19, 2021

" Autumn " Japanese calligraphy , and Ink brush of my calligraphy tools 

  " (shū, aki). It is translated as autumn, fall. This character is written by Kanzi, Cursive script.
 Etymology : Semantic 秋 ⇒ 禾 (grain) + 束 (bind) 

The meaning harvests the crops, and bundle it up. 

Autumn is the season of the blessing. The abundant leads people to the joy.

 like a Ink brush

  My brushes.Chinese culture is very fond of four word couplets, 
and the Four Treasures are another example:  
"文房四寶: 、紙、," ( fude,  sumi,  kami,  suzuri )    
"The four jewels of the study: Brush, Ink, Paper, Inkstone."

    Length of the hair of the writing brush is 3 from 5 inch.

 It is very thin and soft. The writing brush which I bought in Shanghai.
   Ink brush differ greatly in terms of size, texture, material and cost.    
It's that can write the letter of various styles thereby. 


This post is a re-edited version of the October 18, 2009 article.

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