Monday, June 19, 2023

" Last Samurai " existed, Kaishū Katsu

勝 海舟 : Kaishū Katsu  ( 1823 - 1899 )
The vassal and scholar of the Edo Shogunate,  politician after the Meiji Restoration.

Every Japanese knows his name, even now.

   He was the master of Japanese sword ( katana ) , had getted the full mastership (Menkyo Kaiden).
   However, he seems to have never cut down the person throughout his life, 
despite always encountering the danger of assassination.

He was too strong, excellent, and sublime that the enemy was overwhelmed and unable to even move forward.
If pointed the katana at Katsu, the moment the man will definitely fall to the ground with the katana.
 All knew it would happen.

His sword sealed not to bring down any person.
There was no need to remove it.

   The true samurai had tough spiritual strength, and divine power.

The samurai era ended with him.

You can see how fast the master's "drawing sword" is in this video. 
In the olden days, if a samurai drew his sword, the enemy would fall at that moment.

It is very difficult to stand up to the masters. The man can't even get a hold of it. 
Watch this video to see how great samurai didn't need swords. 
The samurai of the Edo period were far superior to the modern masters.