Friday, November 22, 2013

The autumn shape with "Crimson" Japanese calligraphy

あしひきの 山の黄葉 今夜もか  浮かび行くらむ 山川の瀬に
大伴書持 (? - 746)  万葉集

Autumn mountain fallen leaves tonight,too  went floating shallows of river
Ōtomo no Fumimochi (? - 746)  Man'yōshū

秋風の 吹きにし日より 音羽山  みねの梢も 色づきにけり
紀 貫之 (866 - 945)  古今和歌集

Autumn breeze from blewing day Otowa mountain  treetop of the peak turns red
Ki no Tsurayuki (866 - 945)  Kokin Wakashū

神な月 風に紅葉の 散る時は  そこはかとなく 物ぞ悲しき
藤原高光 (939 - 994)  新古今和歌集

comes to november autumn leaves fall in the wind vaguely sad atmosphere 
Fujiwara no Takamitsu (939 - 994)  Shin Kokin Wakashū

   "紅" (kō, kurenai). It is translated as deep red, crimson.
 This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive_script.

   Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
  紅 ⇒ 糸 (thread) + 工 (work)

The molding of the Nature is very delicate. And splendid.

Kyoto is a very famous ancient city. Landmark architectures. Elegant nature. 
It is the symbolic town of Japan.

In every season, the expression is the traditional beauty.