Saturday, June 16, 2012

The ancient dreams with " Summer " Japanese calligraphy

    From long before, the castle does not have a feudal lord.
    People may have forgotten everything.

    Time will go adrift.

    Grove might have seen their past dream.
    And it has been to keep them.

    Just quietly.

    Souls were swept away to sea, sleeping in peace.
    Yes, Samurai played their own mission.

    That brave hearts.

     薄暑はや 日陰うれしき 屋形船
      高浜 虚子  (1874 – 1959)

     Early summer happy shade gone houseboat
      Kyoshi Takahama  (1874 – 1959) 

    Just a dream.
    Here is Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.

     "" (ka, or natsu). It is translated as summer, etc.
     This character is written by Kanzi, cursive script.

      Etymology : Ideogrammic compound
     頁 (Human head wearing a crown and surface) +  臼 (Both hands) +  夊 (both legs)
     Summer festival appearance are dancing with the entire body.

     Summer is the season suitable to represent the soldiers.
     Its momentum, Sweat, Blood...
     They are reminiscent of the beat and uplifting of the soul.

      夏草や 兵どもが 夢の跡
       松尾 芭蕉  (1644 – 1694)

      The summer grass ancient warriors trace of dreams
       Matsuo Bashō  (1644 – 1694)

     The beautiful appearance of Mount Fuji is always impressed me.
     It seems to blend with the sea.

     Sacred the nature.
     Frail human beings are present in it.

     However, it is easy to forget it.

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