Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Transparent Feeling

  The water does not have a color.
  However, the color will be amplified with water.

  The unconsciousness decoration.

  And, transient.


  The moisture may inflate colors.
  The petal surely exists there.

  So, like an illusion.

  玻璃盤に  露のしたたる  苺かな 
    夏目漱石  (1867 – 1916)

  crystal board  dew drip  the strawberries
    Natsume Sōseki (1867 – 1916)

Japanese Summer Season

 Please enjoy atmosphere of the fresh space.

"Water" Japanese Calligraphy

 This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.
 "水" (sui, or mizu). It is translated as

 Please look at next these how about some knowledge.
 It is one of the
five elements (Japanese philosophy).
 The five elements are, in ascending order of power,
(fū or kaze) Wind, (sui or mizu) Water , (chi or tsuchi) Earth, (ho, ka or hi) Fire and (kū) "Void"or"Sky".

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waving Green Breath

   The rice terrace continue to the mountaintop.
   Several hundred years are condensed by each of this wave.

   The working of the human has deposited.

   The Sun Also Rises.
   It brings up life.

   A human being is small.

   The gentle breeze blows from the mountain to the foot, and leaves.
   To where?

   Probably to the eddy of the samsara...

   夏山は   明けつつ月は  野を照らす
    水原   秋桜子 (1892 - 1981)

   summer mountain   while moon is over   lights up field
    MIZUHARA  SHUUOUSHI  (1892 - 1981)

Heap of the mirror

 Please enjoy serenity rice terrace which gradually changes with small birdsong.

"Life" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (sei, or nama). It is translated as life, living, lifetime, birth, etc.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

 Etymology : Semantic
   (grass) +  (soil, earth)

 Form grass grows on the ground.

 Strength to go through many strata seems to be expressed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good fortune Meteor shower

 Please light up this darkness.
 The time goes by.

 Ah, this moment...

 And, ours.

 The future...

 The pure comes over from the everlasting distance.
 And, leave for faraway.

 The life...

夕飯や  花火聞ゆる  川開
   正岡  子規      (1867 – 1902)

 supper time  fireworks sound  river festival
Masaoka  Shiki   (1867 – 1902)

Milky way

 Please enjoy mysterious twinkling of the universe which gradually changes with music.

"Star" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (sei, hoshi). It is translated as star, planet, any point of light.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

 Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
 生 (life, lifetime, birth)  +  晶 (clear, pure, clean)

 "晶" means the form of the star.

 Something which is clean is born in darkness.
 It is really fit to express an opening of the creation.

 "Phono-semantic compound "
It is a characteristic of the kanjis.
 This character shows it beautifully...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Phase transition

 Dim frontier
 Spatial variance,

 The diversity of colors will gradually change.

 In the aspect of the seacoast,
 Vertically and horizontally...

 Sunbeams have run.

 After a banquet as if nothing happened,
 The seashore has subsided.

 As nothing happened...

 The dawn shoreline where nobody.
 Here is
Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture.

 涼風の   曲がりくねって   来たりけり
  小林 一茶   (1763 - 1828)

 cool breeze  winding path  has come
  Kobayashi Issa (1763 - 1828)

Continuous transformation

 Please enjoy the soft scenery which gradually changes with music.

"Sea" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (kai, or umi). It is translated as the sea.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

 Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
 semantic  水 (water)  +  phonetic  每 (every)

 Waves always rush.
 Each the shape is different.

 There is always it there.
 However, time changes all.