Saturday, December 9, 2023

" Autumn " Japanese Calligraphy


" " (shū,or aki). It is translated in autumn.

Ideogrammic compound    (“grain”) + (“fire”); 

after harvesting the grain, the fields are burned to kill locusts and their eggs.

This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script.

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Inside Japan's Stunningly Beautiful Shukuba (Post Towns)

 walk through Narai Juku, and Tsumago Juku, Nagano Prefecture

Monday, November 27, 2023

Peace and tranquility of the inlet Ⅰ


   In this area, shorelines are complicated. Therefore we can watch interesting molding of the Nature.

   It is the very inconvenient sterile zone where most of the people do not live in. On that day, it was space without waves, sounds.

   Here is Genkai-chōSaga Prefecture.

Japanese sweet shop ( Wagashi ) TuruyayoshinobuKyoto.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

" Shine " Japanese calligraphy


   "" (kou, hikari). It is translated as happy, light, brilliant, shine, beam, ray, only, etc.
This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

Etymology : hieroglyph
The kneeled person is holding it above one's head while bowing.
""  The state to hold it above one's head.
+  ""  The person who kneeled.

Yes. The light is important for a human being.
It shines on the darkness.

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 One of the most beautiful hot springs in Japan [Ginzan Onsen]
These are the images.

Do you recognize this scenery?
That's right, if you're a fan of Japanese animation you'll know that.

How about a warm and beautiful hot spring?
Here is Yamagata Prefecture.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

In Praise of Shadows " Japanese traditional aesthetics and culture "


There are shadows to the same extent as light. Humans may only see the light side.

Japanese culture and traditions have valued shadows.
But it can be hard to feel.

Maybe you know little of the shadow side. It can't be helped. 

 The beauty of the contrast has been adopted for interior decoration.
 The constant change gives deep interest for a one-day flow.

 Reflection. Fusion. Mixture.

 Clay wall, Wooden floor, and Wooden pillar.
 Long time and space melts in them.

 Transmission. Convergence. Dimness.

 Hope to be prolonged from darkness, ... returned in the shadow again.
 At the same time, limited life time.

 The contradiction will continue like ripples...


 In Praise of Shadows " 陰翳礼讃 : In'ei Raisan "
 It is an essay on Japanese aesthetics by the Japanese author and novelist Jun'ichirō Tanizaki.

Produced by Japan's national broadcaster (NHK). 
Worth watching if you want to understand the spirit of Japanese culture.
Sublime beauties and works of art will appear.

Copyright prevents me from displaying it here. Please pardon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

" Festival " Japanese calligraphy


  "" (sai, matsuri). It is translated as sacrifice to, ceremonial, festival, etc.
  This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script.

  Etymology : Ideogrammic compound
  ⺼ (meat)  +  手 (hand)  +  示 (ceremony)

  The sound of these words is good for Japanese summer season.
  Cheer is remembered by itself.

Kyoto Gion Festival, Welcome lanterns, 
Mikoshi washing ceremony ( July 10, 2023 )
 Japan's three major festivals, 
Kyoto dance entertainment dedication, 
Yasaka Shrine → Shijo Street → Kawaramachi

Before the departure of the Yamaboko Junko of the Gion Matsuri ( 2023.7.17 )

Miyabikai Misendo Yasaka Shrine Maiko and Geisha

Kuze Komagata Chigo "Ceremony of Shrine Attendance"

Festival departure

Night view of festival

Traditional summer festivals are held all over the country.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

" ZEN " Japanese calligraphy


    "禪" (zen). It is translated in ZEN.

Monday, June 19, 2023

" Last Samurai " existed, Kaishū Katsu

勝 海舟 : Kaishū Katsu  ( 1823 - 1899 )
The vassal and scholar of the Edo Shogunate,  politician after the Meiji Restoration.

Every Japanese knows his name, even now.

   He was the master of Japanese sword ( katana ) , had getted the full mastership (Menkyo Kaiden).
   However, he seems to have never cut down the person throughout his life, 
despite always encountering the danger of assassination.

He was too strong, excellent, and sublime that the enemy was overwhelmed and unable to even move forward.
If pointed the katana at Katsu, the moment the man will definitely fall to the ground with the katana.
 All knew it would happen.

His sword sealed not to bring down any person.
There was no need to remove it.

   The true samurai had tough spiritual strength, and divine power.

The samurai era ended with him.

You can see how fast the master's "drawing sword" is in this video. 
In the olden days, if a samurai drew his sword, the enemy would fall at that moment.

It is very difficult to stand up to the masters. The man can't even get a hold of it. 
Watch this video to see how great samurai didn't need swords. 
The samurai of the Edo period were far superior to the modern masters.

Friday, May 19, 2023

" Samurai " Japanese calligraphy, Semi-cursive script.

   " " ( samurai ) It is translated as samurai . Semi-cursive script

composition  ( man ) + ( temple )

   What is " Bushido " ? ( samurai spirit )
The knowledge is written in 
" Hagakure ".
Hagakure says that " Bushido is to die " in the beginning.
   But It is do not merely die, and it is to live in a way to one's aim thoroughly.

   When it is " Bushido " to live in every day with strong-willed will like it.

   It is written ironically.

   The great samurai, Ōta Dōkan created the phrase of the death poem.

     かかる時 さこそ命の惜しからめ  かねてなき身と 思い知らずば
       太田道灌 (1432 - 1486)

     When such a situation, I don't feel sorry my life.
      Because I already recognized there wasn't my life anymore, 
and I have lived believing for a long time.
       Ōta Dōkan (1432 - 1486)

   He was the too superior samurai.
   Therefore his lord assassinated him.

   The great samurai dedicated the life of his own to fate.
   The soul is holy.

   Yes, it may be surely cruel.
   However, the ancestor succeeded to the Japanese spirit ( Yamato-damashii ) as beauty.

   We descendant will never forget it.

Friday, May 5, 2023

The carp streamers bless children " Children's day may 5th "

In the Far East, the carp is an auspicious fish.
They had continued swimming the festival history more than 1000 years.

Many wishes to the happiness are displayed here.

Now, I am seeing wind.
The carp streamers ( Koinobori ) are swimming in the deep blue firmament.

Time, Space, Existence,   Eternally..  Stream of Universe...

Oriental spirit had carefully treated all element of the universe for several thousand years.
We might know it in subconscious awareness.

Till now, and for everlasting...


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Gone in the Wind

散りぬべき時知りてこそ 世の中の 花も花なれ 人も人なれ
    細川ガラシャ ( 1563-1600 )

Simply because they know when to leave...  In this world,  
  A flower is a flower.  A person is a person, too.
    Hosokawa Gracia ( 1563-1600 )

Thank you for admiring a lot of cherry blossoms...

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Encounter and farewell

The type of this cherry tree is Yaezakura.

It is one of the most noble of the double cherry blossoms.

It's time to say goodbye to this year's cherry blossoms.

散る桜  残る桜も  散る桜

良寛 ( 1758 - 1831 )

falling cherry petals  even staying them  eventually will so


Thank you for your visit, always.  
I am grateful for your support.

I love you.
sincerely yours.

From Japan.

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" Cherry " Japanese calligraphy


 " ( ō, or sakura ). It is translated as cherry blossom, cherry tree.
This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
semantic  ( tree )  +  phonetic  ( baby, infant )

The cherry blossom is one of the flowers loved most in the Far East.
It has a short period of the flowering with about 1 week.
The transiency is a characteristic.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Today is Cherry Blossom's Day " 27 March " , blessing.

The cherry blossoms bloom basically from the last week of March to the beginning week of April.
It is about 1 week from flowering to falling.

The opening changes by the climate of the year.

Southland blooms a little earlier from the middle of March. North has a place to bloom until the beginning of May.

It is only several days in the chance of the photograph.

Short flowering periods think me to be the cause why cherry blossoms are loved.
The human being is born and must do pass away immediately.

The people of my country may superimpose it on one's fate.
It is also the spirit of Zen, "void (Kū)".

This "one" week is covered in the Far East most happily in year.
We are waiting for the day with you all.

世の中に絶えて桜のなかりせば 春の心はのどけからまし
If there are not cherry blossoms at all in the world, the heart of the spring will be quiet leisurely.
(The feeling that cherry blossoms are impatient for is expressed ironically.)

Japanese three major giants of cherry trees
These three of them are registered as the first natural monument of the country on October 12, 1922.

 (Age over 2000 years old)
 Height of the tree 13.6m, trunk lap 10.6m.
 A giant tree of the maximum grade oldest in Japan.

 (Age over 1500 years old)
 Height of the tree 17.2m, trunk lap 9.1m, the spread are East-West 24m, north and south 21m

 (Age over 1000 years old)
 Height of the tree 19m, trunk lap 9.5m, spread east and west 22m, north and south 17m

Sunday, March 26, 2023