Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thanks to you all and your works, sincerely with " Mountain " Japanese calligraphy

"The Blue Planet Earth"

Dreaming Mount Fuji on New Year's Day.  
It is said that it would be very lucky in Japan.

   マタイによる福音書  24章 27節

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; 
so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.  

Here is over the sky of Nara city. Nara is the most historical, very profound and noble city.
It is necessary so that many days enjoy there. 

The charm doesn't run out.


It is the summit of Mount Fuji in the summer.

A lot of friends gave me many encounters and encouragements last year, too.
With a lot of excellent works...

Those lovely cultural exchanges presented deep emotion to me.
I thank to all friends who visited my small the Far East space.

All your works are elegant.
I heartily respect them, and was always impressed by them.

Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur...
I reverently accept the providence.

   雪の富士  高し地上の  ものならず 
     山口 誓子 (1901 - 1994)

   Snowy Mt. Fuji  Too high, unlikely  On the ground
     Yamaguchi Seisi (1901 - 1994)

   "山" (san, or yama). It is translated as mountain, hill, peak.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script.

   Etymology : Ideogrammic
   This character expresses the figure plainly. It is primitive.

   The works of my friends are wonderful like this, too.

    霧しぐれ  富士をみぬ日ぞ  面白き
     松尾 芭蕉 (1644 – 1694)

      fog  and drizzle  can't see  mt.Fuji  quite a good day
     Matsuo  Bashō (1644 – 1694)

 遊びをせんとや生まれけむ   戯れせんとや生まれけむ
   遊ぶ子供の声聞けば  わが身さへこそゆるがるれ

 仏は常にいませども  うつつならぬぞあはれなる
   人の音せぬ暁に  ほのかに夢に見え給ふ

 梁塵秘抄  編者 後白河法皇 (1127 - 1192)

 I was born to play.    I was born to flirt.
   when I hear the voice of a playing child,  my mind and body seem to be shaken.

 Buddha is always present.    but I can't see the profound.
   in the dawn without the sign of life,  faintly visible in a dream.

 Ryōjin Hishō   editor  Emperor Go-Shirakawa (1127 - 1192)

A Happy New Year.
To all our friends

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From the Far East, Japan.