Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thanks to you all and your works, sincerely with " What " Japanese calligraphy

"The Blue Planet Earth"

Watching Mount Fuji on New Year's Day.
It is lucky in Japan.

A lot of friends gave me many encounters and encouragements last year, too.
With a lot of excellent works...

Those lovely cultural exchanges presented deep emotion to me.
I thank to all friends who visited my small the Far East space.

All your works are elegant.
I heartily respect them, and was always impressed by them.

"Once in a lifetime encounter"
Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur...
I reverently accept the providence.

風になびく 富士の煙の 空に消えて 行方も知らぬ わが思ひかな
西行 (1118 – 1190)

fluttering in the wind Fuji plume disappearing in the sky   don't know whereabouts my thought
Saigyō (1118 – 1190)

"何" (nani). It is translated as what, why, where, which, how.
This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script.

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
何  ⇒  人 (man) +  可 (can)

Man can challenge anything, anytime.
In the new year, what is your target?

What will be waiting you?

I pray that your this year be splendid.

   マタイによる福音書  24章 27節

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; 
so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.  

A Happy New Year. 
This year is good for you.

01.01.2014   00:00  Japan Standard Time
From the Far East, Japan.