Saturday, February 26, 2011

The everlasting vow

 The mysterious gate is opened.
 There may be delight on the way. And probably sorrow?

 Yes. There will be all there.

 Please do not untie the knot.
 Please share all.

 There is all in your hands.

 Ambages pleases you two.
 It is not pains by any means.

 Slowly...  So. You two had better walk it gently.

 Japanese wedding customs

"Love" Japanese Calligraphy

 "" (ai, mederu). It is translated as love, be fond of, like.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Semi-cursive script.

 Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
  愛 ⇒ 旡 (satiety) + 心 (heart)

 It means the state hesitating about leaving.

 The love that was finally discovered.
 However, the maintenance is difficult.

 The love may be brought up.
 The process to bring up. The long way off. . .

 It may be called the LIFE.
 Slowly. Calmly. . .

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coming of spring

 A color falls in the faded forest.
 The dead tree is dyed into deep red.

 Again this year.

 The messenger of the spring.
 She smiles before my noticing it there.

 The top full bloom of flowers...

 No matter how even if winter is severe.
 There is not the year that spring does not come.

 Only as for my waiting you calmly, Japanese apricot.

"The arrival of delight times" Japanese calligraphy

 結ぶうへに    いや張りつめし厚氷
 春のめぐみに  解けてあとなし

 Water is frozen over   ice more thicker
 By blessing of spring    it has thawed and disappeared
Katsu Kaishū

 This is written by
Hiragana letter and Kanzi, Regular script.

tanka was created by "Last Samurai" Kaishū Katsu (1823-1899).

 He terminated the Samurai Age by himself, his hands.
 The time (
Edo era) that should be over.
 He realized that it came.

 Hardships continued in the process.
 The new times opened a curtain thanks to his dedication.
 This poetry is the life.

 He was a revolutionist.
 And he was true and great "

 His passion spirit had thawed the ice of the cold era.

 Imperial rescript for him


Friday, February 11, 2011

Girls' "Sweet" Day

 The set of ornamental dolls "Hina-Ningyō" stood in line.
It is a thing to celebrate
Hina-matsuri (Girls' Day March 3).

In a show case, I see the cakes which seem to be delicious and delicate.

 This is the traditional decoration.
Each doll has
various roles.

The season is going to come this year.

 This shop is the long-established store of Japanese sweets (Wagashi).
The salesclerk puts on a clean cowl.

Her traditional style treats the heart of the customer.

Welcome to the classic world...
Here is
Ginza, Tokyo.

"Crimson" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (kō, kurenai). It is translated as deep red, crimson.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Semi-cursive script.

 Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
   紅 ⇒ 糸 (thread) + 工 (work)

 The dolls sit down on the carpet which seems to be warm.
 The color may inject a life sense to dolls.

 This character reminds me of activity passion.

 Spring comes close...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The paradise in the pure white

 The file marches in the snow-covered road.
 To the inside of a deep mountain.

 more deeper...

 There is a hot spring. "ONSEN"
 Only it.

 Of the outdoors.

 The simple mountain hut stands still in tranquility.
 I accept mere it.  

 Yes, I don't mind. it's enough to enjoy short life.

 Silver Wonderland.
 Here is
Semboku, Akita Prefecture.

 The relations of this post.
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"Deep" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (shin, fukai). It is translated as deep, far, extreme, etc.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

 "旁" is an original character of "深"
 Etymology : Ideogram
 深 ⇒ 穴 (hole) + 又 (and) + 火 (fire)

 The meaning that let fire in the hole and look for.
 It is such a deep position.

 Yes. Probably there may be something precious.
 Therefore I may have wanted to arrive at the depth.

 The curiosity to go to the difficulty.
 The relaxation in search of an ease.
 The both are my hearts.