Saturday, December 11, 2021

" God " Japanese calligraphy ; Tabira Lord of Heaven temple @ Nagasaki


  " ( shinn, or kami ).  
It is translated as God.  This character is written by Kanzi, Seal script

Phono-semantic compound ; semantic   “ show ” + phonetic   “ lightning ” .

Yes. God shows us everything.
 Everything will get to it as God leads it.

This Church was built in 1918 by settlers from the other places. 
Father French propagator " Lage " and " Doro " let believers emigrate at own expense.

It is registered with the important cultural property of the country.

On January 23, 2007, addition to the world heritage provisional list was decided 
as one of " the church group and Christianity of Nagasaki-related inheritances ".

It is a hill facing the sea in the distance, and the remote place that left the town far away.
Because this area was the home of ' Kakure Kirishitan ' .

The gravestone is south direction in the custom of the Far East.

However, all these gravestones are west directions.
Yes, there are Spain and Portugal, Europe in the direction.

They always look at the west, and sleep.

It is the Far West...

Merry Christmas, and, Happy New Year !!

God bless you all.

From the Far East , JAPAN. ruma