Saturday, November 1, 2014

The cruising through elegant season with " Color " Japanese calligraphy

Harmony of shadow and shine attracts my mind. 
Gradation will be modulated very smooth, but slowly.

In Praise of Shadows " 陰翳礼讃 : In'ei Raisan "
it is an essay on Japanese aesthetics by the Japanese author and novelist Jun'ichirō Tanizaki.

あをによし 奈良人見むと 我が背子が  標(しめ)けむ黄葉(もみぢ) 地(つち)に落ちめやも
久米 広縄      万葉集 (7世紀後半から8世紀後半頃)

to lover of Nara  maple you have marked  will not scattered
Kume no Hirotada   Man'yōshū (late 7th - 8th century, It is the anthology of waka poems of oldest in Japan.)

Momiji maple #03

Transmission, Convergence, Dimness.
Profound molding in the great nature. The combination of light and shapes is mysterious.

The cycle of reincarnation, creativity and disappearance.

見る人も なくて散りぬる 奥山の  紅葉は夜の 錦なりけり
紀 貫之 (872 – 945)    古今和歌集

There are no audience autumn leaves have fallen  in back of mountain brocade in the night  
Ki no Tsurayuki (872 – 945)   Kokin Wakashū

Momiji maple #01

Color crystal, it's a wonder how it was created.
Reflection, Fusion, Mixture.

Fleeting jewels has entertained people unchanged from the distant year.

故郷は 散る紅葉ばに うづもれて  軒のしのぶに 秋風ぞ吹く
源 俊頼 (1055 – 1129)        新古今和歌集

my home town scattered colored leaves buried among leaves  in humble home autumn breeze blows 
Minamoto no Shunrai (1055 – 1129)  Shin Kokin Wakashū

   "色" (shiki, or iro). It is translated as colour, shade, beauty, expression, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

   Etymology : hieroglyph or Semantic
    人 (man, person) + 卩 (kneel)

The state that a person is piled up, and have sex.
From sexual intercourse, I passed through the features, the complexion and reached a general meaning.

"Shiki" In the Buddhism, this meaning expresses all the material phenomena that are an object of the recognition.
It is a letter having a very profound meaning.

Thoughts of the Japanese for the fall has been well represented in this movie.

Momiji maple #04

Night view of autumn leaves has been reflected on the surface of the water.

" 悪を避けて善を行い、平和を求めて、これを追え。"   
ペテロの第一の手紙  第3章 第11節

" Let him turn away from evil, and do good.   Let him seek peace, and pursue it. " 
1 Peter  3:11

God bless you.