Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exploring gardening creek with " Fine weather " Japanese calligraphy

About 40 years ago, a certain man planted one seedling of Phlox subulata here.
Now, about 600 meters (656yd) long the carpet is spread all colorfully.

Grand human passion...

Colors of Phlox subulata. Colors of sky.
The brook reflects them calmly.

Momentary Flows.  Momentary brightness of the life.

Petals such as the crystal...
They meet us gently in every spring.

The code for flowers is "Passionate, in love"

心から 花のしづくに そほちつつ うくひすとのみ 鳥の鳴くらむ
 藤原敏行  古今和歌集

"" (sei, hare). It is translated as clear weather, fine weather.

This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
晴 ⇒ 青 (blue, clear) + 日 (sun, day)

Japanese "晴 HARE"
The sound of the word has a feeling of happiness really.
It was introduced into being very "lucky" from the ancient times.

I will pray to you for "HARE".
In your happiness...

☆The noted place of Phlox subulata

我が君は 千代に八千代に さざれ石の 巌となりて 苔のむすまで
読人知らず  古今和歌集

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Carp streamers sing a song of the wind, with " Brilliant " Japanese calligraphy

Gentle breeze embraces children.
It is Children's Day on May 5, holiday.

Many smiles will be filled in Japan.

Children express our future.
Will we respect lovely them?

The priority is often mistaken.

Now this moment should be dedicated to children.
For the existence to glisten.

I can look anytime in the future. Just in front of my eyes.

"光" (kou, hikari). It is translated as happy, light, brilliant, shine, beam, ray, only, etc.
This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

Etymology : hieroglyph
The kneeled person is holding it above one's head while bowing.
"火"  (The state to hold it above one's head.)  +  "儿"  (The person who kneeled.)

Yes. The light is important for a human being.
It shines on the darkness.

   The light is the faith.
   The pure heart is the faith.

It is a traditional annual function of Japan.
Children are blessed in the whole country.