Friday, September 16, 2011

" Nothing " Japanese calligraphy

   "" (mu, or nai). It is translated as nothing, nil, zero, naught, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

   Etymology : Hieroglyph
   It looks like a person dances with a decoration.

   One of the teachings of the Buddhism.

一切は「無」, 一切は「空」。

     All is " Nothing ", all is " Void ".

   At first when I was born, I have nothing other than my body.
   And grow up while acquiring various materials and thoughts.
   Last moments, must abandon all of them.

So, i will come back there.
   It is very natural and smooth flow.

   It is only just a "ZEN", isn't it?

   arigatou  gozaimashita.
   ありがとう ございました。

露と落ち  露と消えにし  我が身かな  浪速のことは  夢のまた夢
    豊臣 秀吉 (1537 - 1598)

   I am born as a dew  and disappear as a dew  my body  all temporal  a dream and a dream
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537 - 1598)

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The island of the illusion

     A daredevil man do fishing without attaching a life jacket.
    He does not know where himself is.

    It may be a human being.

     There is the very dangerous and beautiful place where the angler of some lost their life.
    Now, his life may be lighter than one fish.

    There are only him and me here.
    We can look at the island of the illusion slightly on the horizon.

     Birds · · · birds are freedom eternally.
    And they may be safer than a human being.

    Because they do only that themself can do it.
    And they are satisfied with it.

    Yes. I should know those men are necessary, shouldn't it ?
    However, as for life being an illusion, both that man and the bird may be the same.

    The monument of the cape had seen all.

    Here is minato Karatsu-shi Saga Prefecture.
    Please Look at the view from here of other my post.

 ******* Monologue ******* 

    I contributed this article to 10.25.2009.
    Now post it again. This is my origin.

    When i began this blog in July, 2009, my photo was monotonous.
    Because my thought was not put inside.
    i was dissatisfied with it.

    Then i watched "Alienation and Despair" from Something Sighted by JAMES.
    The photograph had "Story". It certainly seemed to speak to me.
    There was the heart of the photographer inside.

    I realized what wasn't enough to me, and noticed myself.
    This post photographed a story of certain scenery for the first time.

    I intended to recur to the origin of my own again, and contributed this article.

    Thank you for looking at my little way.
    Here where I am.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Swimming in the space, like a dream

    from You Tube  by Sarah Brightman  x  Joe Hisaishi

    Please enjoy the beautiful voice and piano.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The lucky charm for safe life, etc. part 2

  As a souvenir from shrine or temple, Japanese often gets a lucky charm.
午 (go, uma)" of the twelve signs of the zodiac is embroidered on this face.

  The meaning is horse.

  This is the Shimogamo Shinto Shrine's lucky charm.
  The backside is embroidered in kanji with "
下鴨 神社 (Shimogamo-jinja)".

  It is registered with Cultural heritage.


  This Shinto Shrine is one of the oldest them in Kyoto.
  The foundation is about B.C. 90.

  May the grace of God be with you.

  宵の間の 月のかつらの うす紅葉 照るとしもなき 初秋の空
   鴨 長明  (1155 – 1216)

  Time for night beginning   great laurel tree in the moon
   still light autumn colors  shine somehow  first autumn sky
Kamo no Chōmei  (1155 – 1216)

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Shimogamo and Kamigamo Shinto Shrine

   This ceremony is called "Aoi Matsuri".
   On May 15 every year, it is held for noble of the Heian era.
   It is a festival of "Shimogamo Shrine" and "Kamigamo Shrine".

   The horse is used for ritual (Yabusame), a horseback archery act of God.

  Please enjoy the state of a traditional event.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Without herself noticing, the girls are...

  Anyone can stand here anytime.
  As an audience, or as an actor.

  The show is free of charge.

  The flow continues...
  The soft breeze surrounds them.

  The colors will gradually change.

  i wonder if remember the warm touch of the hand?
  The time goes by, too.

  Please don't untie the knot, because it's yours eternally.

    撫子や  堤ともなく  草の原
     高浜 虚子 (1874 - 1959)

    dianthus(nadeshiko) blooms  on the bank  grassy plain
     Kyoshi Takahama (1874 - 1959)

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HDR Photography in Japan

  Please enjoy pictorial photography which variously changes with music.

" Person " Japanese calligraphy

  "" (ninn, or hito). It is translated as a person, man, human being, people, etc.
  This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

  Etymology : Pictogram
  It looks like this character stands a man.
  His hand supports the body.

  It is often used for the example talk of people helping each other.

  This meaning reminds me of the love of mother and child.
  I like states of parent and child whom is hand in hand.

  あひふれし  子の手とりたる  門火かな
    中村 汀女 (1900 - 1988)

  touch each other  take child's hand  ceremonial bonfire  
    Nakamura Teijo  (1900 - 1988)

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