Saturday, April 28, 2012

Children's Day, May 5  with " Child " Japanese calligraphy

   The gentle breeze expresses dreams in a blue sky.
   The carp is the lucky creature.

   They celebrate for children every year in this season.

   The pretty eyes continue staring at the fluttering forever.
   Without getting tired.

   You are hope itself.

   The holiday May 5 is Children's Day.
   There is the future in your hand.

   God bless you.

    おもしろく  ふくらむ風や  鯉幟
      正岡 子規  (1867 – 1902)

    interestingly  wind swell out  carp streamer  
      Masaoka Shiki  (1867 – 1902)

    "" (shi, or ko). It is translated as offspring, child, son, daughter, love, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script. 

   The image of a baby, with a large head and supple arms or legs.

   The love of the parent seems to be given in this letter.
   The shape. The sound of the words.

   They remind me of gentleness.
   I pray so that all children are healthy and happy.

    風吹けば  来るや隣の  鯉幟 
     高浜 虚子  (1874 – 1959)

    If wind blows  the next door's  carp streamer approaches
     Kyoshi Takahama  (1874 – 1959)

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