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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thanks to you all and your works, sincerely with " What " Japanese calligraphy

"The Blue Planet Earth"

Watching Mount Fuji on New Year's Day.
It is lucky in Japan.

A lot of friends gave me many encounters and encouragements last year, too.
With a lot of excellent works...

Those lovely cultural exchanges presented deep emotion to me.
I thank to all friends who visited my small the Far East space.

All your works are elegant.
I heartily respect them, and was always impressed by them.

"Once in a lifetime encounter"
Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur...
I reverently accept the providence.

風になびく 富士の煙の 空に消えて 行方も知らぬ わが思ひかな
西行 (1118 – 1190)

fluttering in the wind Fuji plume disappearing in the sky   don't know whereabouts my thought
Saigyō (1118 – 1190)

"何" (nani). It is translated as what, why, where, which, how.
This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script.

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
何  ⇒  人 (man) +  可 (can)

Man can challenge anything, anytime.
In the new year, what is your target?

What will be waiting you?

I pray that your this year be splendid.

   マタイによる福音書  24章 27節

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; 
so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.  

A Happy New Year. 
This year is good for you.

01.01.2014   00:00  Japan Standard Time
From the Far East, Japan.


  1. Kisses and all the best wishes from Holland Ruma......Happy New Year

    Greetings, Joop

  2. Dear Ruma !!!

    A Happy New Year.
    Kisses !

  3. My best wishes for you!!
    Greetings from Spain.

  4. Voor jullie ook een fijne jaarwisseling en de beste wensen voor 2014 geniet van de laatste momenten van dit jaar ...lieve groet Rosita

  5. Mi querida ruma, gracias por acordarse de mí.
    Yo también le deseo un Feliz Año 2014, que sea un año de paz, amor y salud para usted y su familia.
    Con ternura le dejo mi beso.

  6. Niech się spełnią wszelkie Twoje marzenia w 2014 roku. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Let them fulfill all your dreams come true in 2014. I greet warmly.

  7. Happy and Prosperous New Year Ruma, best wishes from Renata, (Trieste, Italy)

  8. Hello Ruma.
    A very happy new year to you and your family, thank you for your good wishes.
    Big hug

  9. Esplendido reportaje aéreo, realmente bueno!!!!
    ¡¡¡Te deseo lo mejor para 2014!!!
    Un abrazo, Ángel

  10. Ruma, wonderful pictures !
    I wish you all the best and happiness in New Year !
    Greetings from Poland, Ela

  11. Przepiękna Fuji. Szczęśliwości w Nowym Roku.

  12. Yours pictures are very interesting, like form me.

    Happy New Year Ruma.
    I greet you. Ania

  13. Hi Ruma.
    My best wishes for peace, happiness and health for the New Year ...

    From Spain.

    A warm hug.

  14. It has been a blessing to be your cyber friend, Ruma. I wish you the happiest and healthiest new year 2014!

    Your friend in New York City,

  15. Happy to wish you this beautiful night looking forward to the beautiful dawn of 2014, a wonderful new year !

  16. dear Ruma, I am so happy for visite your blog...all is so wonderfull ! thanks you!
    A Happy New Year ! - I am from ... România !

  17. Dentro de dos meses podré observarlo también.
    Feliz Año 2014 con mucho amor, paz, prosperidad y salud que no falte.
    Un abrazo.

  18. My best warm wishes,dear Ruma for you e for your family.
    I wish you and yours, Health,Harmony and Wellness for a very Happy new Year!
    Thanks for let me see and admire the Fujiyama, in the First Day of the Year!!!
    Saluti dall'Italia,

  19. Dear Rum, healthy, happy, peaceful New Year!
    All the best for you!
    Greetings from Germany

  20. Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu...

  21. Bonne année à toi, Ruma, et merci pour toutes les belles choses que tu nous montreras encore en 2014 !

  22. L'année commence,

    "La sagesse, c'est d'avoir des rêves suffisamment grands pour ne pas les perdre de vue lorsqu'on les poursuit."
    -Oscar Wilde-

    Je vous souhaite une très belle année 2014.

    Gros bisous

  23. Oikein Hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2014

  24. Hi Ruma,

    Have a great 2014. I'll be continuing with my passion of photography

  25. Happy and blessed new year in 2014.

    Kindest & warmest regards,

  26. Noul an se asterne inaintea noastra ca un volum nescris cu 365 de pagini goale. Iti urez sa le "caligarfiezi" numai cu lucruri bune, impliniri si fericire pentru ca la sfarsitul volumului sa-l citesti cu bucurie.
    Un An Nou fericit,iti urez din Romania!

    La multi ani,Ruma!

  27. Happiest of New Years to You Dear Ruma! You add such beauty to our world. A world where indeed we must challenge those in power. Ourselves too . . . to care for our beautiful 'blue planet' and all its living creatures. I hope we all raise our voices high and take actions in how we spend our currency in supporting a saner life. Secrecy in governments (ours and yours) is never a good thing and we all need to stay alert to what is going on. Currents of waves will disperse radiation and drones kill innocents . . . and on and on . . . there is much to challenge. You, with your words of wisdom and beauty shared are a light in the dark cloud of greed that surrounds us all. There is hope for the new year when there are voices like yours in the world. Many thanks for your inspiring photography, calligraphy and words. Blessings for 2014! In hopes of world of love, Carol

  28. Feliz 2014, preciosas vistas para empezar el año....saludos Tony

  29. Heureuse année cher Ruma pour toi et pour tous

  30. Metti la mano sinistra sulla spalla destra e la mano destra sulla spalla sinistra.
    Hai appena ricevuto un abbraccio a distanza. Buon 2014.

  31. What a nice post!Beautiful photoes ♥and also what your heart is telling us ♥I think that everything you give away--will return..So you must be a beautiful woman ♥
    With my heart I wish.For you.And Family.That your prayers and desires will make you happy and good life in 2014 ♥
    Greetings from a friend in the land of cold and dark.and trollls and angels.Norway ♥

  32. Hi Ruma...

    The 3 picture are great!!!
    compliments!! great job!!
    wishing you a Happy and Healty New Year!!
    wishing you all the best!!

    Grtz Nieske

  33. wonderful pictures to share! happy new year 2014

  34. Hey Ruma, fantastic pics!
    I wish you a great 2014, that all your wishes may come true! And a lot of happiness! With love from Belgium ♥


  35. Great great photos. Fuji mountain is fantastic.
    Best wishes in 2014 for you and your loved ones.

    · hugs

    · CR · & · LMA ·

  36. Your blos has the most awesome pictures I've ever seen. I ?m a photography addict, and just loved them all. Congratulations.
    Happy 2014. Kiss D

  37. Un buen año serà tambièn para usted Ruma ....Feliz Año Nuevo muchas bendiciones,abrazos y abrazos.

  38. Ruma - peace, joy, health and happiness be yours in 20143 - may we continue to meet in the blog world. b

  39. Espero que este nuevo año te traiga muchas satisfacciones y que nos muestres lugares tan bellos como siempre nos tienes acostumbrados

    Un fuerte abrazo y feliz año nuevo!!!!!!!

  40. Preciosas fotografías, bellas y generosas tus palabras.
    Gracias Ruma.
    Te deseo un excelente año, lleno de salud y buenos momentos. Que todo te vaya bien.
    Un abrazo.
    Feliz Año!

  41. Beautiful pictures !
    I wish all the best for 2014...

  42. Hello Ruma.Beautiful pictures.Best wishes for a nice 2014.

  43. Une très bonne année 2014 à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes, Ruma!
    Qu'elle vous apporte tout ce que vous désirez, et en premier lieu la santé!
    ________________.OOO.____________.O. * . *
    ________________.OOOO.______-.OOO. * . *
    ________________.OOOOO._-.OOOO. * . *
    _______________.OOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
    __________-.OOOOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
    _____.OOOOOOO-BONNE ANNÉE-OOO. * . * .
    __________-.OOOOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
    _______________.OOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
    ________________.OOOOO._-.OOOO. * . * .
    ________________.OOOO.______-.OOO. * . * .
    ________________.OOO.____________.O. * . * .

  44. 明けましておめでとうございます。

  45. Αγαπημένη μου φίλη Ruma
    Τι εξαίσιες φωτογραφίες της γης και πόσο υπέροχο το βίντεο με το Βόρειο Σέλας!!!!
    Αισθάνομαι πολύ μικρή μπροστά στην μητέρα φύση!!!
    Σου εύχομαι μια ευλογημένη χρονιά, γεμάτη υγεία, χαρά και εκπλήρωση όλων των ονείρων σου!
    Σου στέλνω μια μεγάλη αγκαλιά!

  46. beautiful fuji image and nice clouds. A very happy 2014 Ruma. Enjoy your life. Warm greetings, Dietmut

  47. Excelentes fotografia e belas palavras....

  48. such a touching and beautiful post
    an amazing mountain and heart felt words
    wishing you a 2014 that feels wonderful to you~

  49. I live here too :D That was an uplifting post, I love Sarah Brightman as well and your pictures are gorgeous. I have a hard time learning how to write.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Now on

  50. Happy New Year, ruma! I wish you good health and insipration in order to further delight us with your beautiful works!

  51. Dear Ruma!
    Thank you for lovely words, especially for charming Saigyō's lines. It is wonderful to feel in unison with someone in another part of the globe, to know that despite nationality, age, whatever, Nature and Beauty make us all feel the same. Let this year be very special for you!
    Was touched to read your wish on my blog on New Year night. Was away on holidays and couldn't reply promptly.

  52. Happy New Year dear Ruma and thank you for your wonderful blog !

  53. HOLA RUMA: Mi visita es para dejarte un fuerte abrazo. Hoy , he decidido pasar por tu ventana y enterarme de tus entregas.-

    Sigo de vacaciones, pero tenia ganas de un encuentro y saber como estabas.-

    Un gran abrazo y nos estamos viendo en febrero.-

  54. Wonderful images of our planet Earth.

    I hope this new year all your dreams be fulfilled

    Happy weekend!

  55. 富士山、何、坂の上の雲。なんて新しい年の決意を思いださせる物達でしょう。凛として歩みたいです。今年もどうぞ宜しくお願いします。

  56. Nice post Ruma. My best wishes for 2014. Kisses and hugs from the cold Spain.

  57. Beautiful, fantastic photo Mount Fuji. Very much like it me.
    Many greetings to you.

  58. Hola Ruma. que este nuevo año este lleno de bienes, salud, amor y que sigamos compartiendo sus hermosas fotografías y letras.

    Un cordial saludo desde Spain

  59. Hoje estou vivendo um momento muito especial na minha vida.
    Por isso estou aqui convidando você para se alegrar com minha benção.
    Tenho estado ausente porém hoje estarei
    dedicando meu tempo que deveria estar em repouso
    absoluto para me encontrar com você matar as saudades.
    Com uma mensagem de uma data muito importante para mim
    venho convidar você para buscar minhas lembranças desse dia.
    Desejo lhe um abençoado final de semana
    luz paz e Deus no seu viver.
    Beijos com infinito carinho e amizade .

  60. Gracias Ruma por tus buenos deseos que comparto deseando un año de buanaventura personal .
    Estas fotografias del Fuji son preciosas , la fuerza escondida en un volcán no le quitan belleza a la quietud e inmensidad que se refleja.
    Un fuerte abrazo

  61. Hello Ruma.
    I come back to say hi, admire your photos, words and videos.
    Have a nice day.
    Big hug

  62. All the best for 2014! I wish all your expectations will be met.

  63. Hello Ruma,
    gorgeous images! There is a high-spirited in his blog that radiates to all of us.
    Best wishes and much success in 2014

  64. Another lovely post, I am looking forward to seeing more from you in the new year.


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