Sunday, September 19, 2021

" Autumn " Japanese calligraphy , and Ink brush of my calligraphy tools 

  " (shū, aki). It is translated as autumn, fall. This character is written by Kanzi, Cursive script.
 Etymology : Semantic 秋 ⇒ 禾 (grain) + 束 (bind) 

The meaning harvests the crops, and bundle it up. 

Autumn is the season of the blessing. The abundant leads people to the joy.

 like a Ink brush

  My brushes.Chinese culture is very fond of four word couplets, 
and the Four Treasures are another example:  
"文房四寶: 、紙、," ( fude,  sumi,  kami,  suzuri )    
"The four jewels of the study: Brush, Ink, Paper, Inkstone."

    Length of the hair of the writing brush is 3 from 5 inch.

 It is very thin and soft. The writing brush which I bought in Shanghai.
   Ink brush differ greatly in terms of size, texture, material and cost.    
It's that can write the letter of various styles thereby. 


This post is a re-edited version of the October 18, 2009 article.

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bless you.
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  1. Même les pinceaux sont artistiques !
    Très amicalement.

  2. Buenas esas cuatro joyas para reflejar las coplas de palabras y los colores de la vida.
    Buen domingo ruma.
    Un abrazo.

  3. "O outono é a época da bênção. A abundância leva as pessoas à alegria." Tão belo e tão sábio. Concordo.
    Bonita a pintura que fez com o pincel.
    Tudo de bom para si.
    Um beijo.

  4. Ruma, es muy interesante conocer estas cuatro joyas del estudio, gracias por estas enseñanzas.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Dear friend! Softness... gentleness... I see...I feel in your art... So, I thank! Warm hug from Brazil!

  6. Los pinceles me encantan, están impecables. El Kanji del otoño es magnífico, eres un artista de la escritura.
    Un abrazo

  7. Atractiva imágenes. Que tengas una buena semana

  8. Para lograr esa magnifica caligrafía como nos muestras necesitas unos pinceles especiales.


  9. Muy interesante lo que nos cuentas. Besos.

  10. Graças também pelo outono, a dadivosa estação das colheitas.
    Abraço ocidental.
    Juvenal Nunes

  11. Dear Ruma,
    I love this autumn image, and its meaning of abundance and crops. Brushes reminded of a nice workshop in hutong area Beijing, selling lovely brushes made of natural fur. Take care, friend.

  12. Siempre es un placer pasar por tu casa.



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