Monday, November 14, 2022

" Peace " Japanese calligraphy


    "" (WA, yawaragu). It is translated as peace, harmony, Japanese, etc. 

   This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.    

Etymology : Phono-semantic compound   

 和 ⇒ 禾 (grain, rice) + 口 (mouth)    

禾 : The state that the ears of the foxtail millet lower in the shape of a circle    

The form of the circle suggests the peace.    

This kanji brought the meaning to show our nation from ancient times, too.    

You may have heard the Japanese heart. 

The heart of " 和 (WA) ".    

Our ancestor expressed both the peace and the national as one character.    

They prayed to the both for descendants. And left this kanji to us as property.    

 I pray you and yours to peace.

Thank you for your visit, always.  
bless you.
sincerely yours.


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