Friday, May 19, 2023

" Samurai " Japanese calligraphy, Semi-cursive script.

   " " ( samurai ) It is translated as samurai . Semi-cursive script

composition  ( man ) + ( temple )

   What is " Bushido " ? ( samurai spirit )
The knowledge is written in 
" Hagakure ".
Hagakure says that " Bushido is to die " in the beginning.
   But It is do not merely die, and it is to live in a way to one's aim thoroughly.

   When it is " Bushido " to live in every day with strong-willed will like it.

   It is written ironically.

   The great samurai, Ōta Dōkan created the phrase of the death poem.

     かかる時 さこそ命の惜しからめ  かねてなき身と 思い知らずば
       太田道灌 (1432 - 1486)

     When such a situation, I don't feel sorry my life.
      Because I already recognized there wasn't my life anymore, 
and I have lived believing for a long time.
       Ōta Dōkan (1432 - 1486)

   He was the too superior samurai.
   Therefore his lord assassinated him.

   The great samurai dedicated the life of his own to fate.
   The soul is holy.

   Yes, it may be surely cruel.
   However, the ancestor succeeded to the Japanese spirit ( Yamato-damashii ) as beauty.

   We descendant will never forget it.