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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hamasaki Gionn Sai Festival

This festival car is hardly known to it in spite of the greatest scale in Japan.

It may be a really secret festival...

I am honored in that I was able to introduce them to all of you, my friends.

Thank you for appreciation.


  1. I very much enjoyed watching your video. It is so much more descriptive of the festival than a photograph. Although, your photos are lovely.

  2. Fantástico el video, lleno de color y música. Las fotos igual de hermosas.
    Un beso desde un helado Santiago de Chile.

  3. Hello Ruma, I wanted to thank you for letting us know this ancient festival held in your country is really interesting to discover customs and traditions of other nations, congratulations for your photos

  4. Salut Ruma, très impressionnant ce spectacle de festivités. Le petit film nous apporte avec toi dans ce festival. bravo et merci !

  5. Gracias por acercarnos tu cultura. Bonito video. Saludos.

  6. C’est très aimable à vous Ruma de nous présenter toutes ces superbes et enrichissantes images avec lesquelles nous découvrons votre beau pays.

  7. Very interesting, Ruma. <> did not know of this festival.

  8. Ruma :)Sorte nossa poder ver tanta beleza,Graças a si.
    Festival lindo,ricos em cores e música!

    Vou já ver os videos que deixou para alegrar os nossos olhos e coração.
    Até breve.

  9. I am very happy to meet your blog , it's fantastic ...Beautiful !!
    I am enjoy !!


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