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Monday, July 5, 2010

"Nirvana" Japanese calligraphy

"涅 槃" (ne - han). It is translated as Nirvana.
This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

The state that blew out the fire of worldly desires.
The ease of the heart.
The pleasant state to be provided by a heart's-ease.

The state of the Zen. . .


  1. Déjate acariciar por el viento…y escucha tu interior.

    Un saludo

  2. nirvana, the state of the Zen...


  3. Hola ,mil gracias por tu comentario dejado en el blog de MA , en el poema de No dormía soñaba, gracias a el me ha traído hasta tu mágico blog.

    Desde este momento soy seguidora de tu magnifico y hermoso blog, un cordial abrazo de MA para ti . Volveré por tu bello blog.

  4. Hello Ruma, ca va ?
    Encore de tres beaux kanjis je vois, bravo !

  5. Thank you for bringing us to nirvana!

  6. Hello,

    I am very interested in Japan, Zen and Haiku. Thank you for your really interesting side, I love it. Great!

    Ciao from Germany,

  7. Thanks for another wonderful artwork.

    Laby[big mens suit]


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