Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebration chrysanthemum and Congratulations little girl

    The shape. The color.  They float in the calm space.
   The flower language of the chrysanthemum is "Noble".

   It is used as a
crest of the Emperor of Japan.

    The exhibition is opened at main Shinto shrines, others places of the whole country.
   It is given glory to innumerably.

   Because the cultivation process is too precise, I cannot imagine it.

    The children have the Shinto priest purify.
   It will become her valuable memory.

   The chrysanthemums are exhibited carefully.

    This splendid stage is the blessing for both chrysanthemums and children.

   Please look at traditional culture of Japanese children if you have little time.
   My post "
Shichi-Go-San (seven-five-three)" 11.15.2009

   Excuse me. Please forgive that may worsen your feeling.
   In the West, the chrysanthemum means "death".
   This flower is not used at the time of visit in Japan either.
   Maybe our habit want to recall the inside beauty of every phenomenon.

   菊の香や   ならには古き   仏達
     松尾 芭蕉      (1644 – 1694)

   Chrysanthemum fragrance...  In Nara  Old Buddhist images
Matsuo Bashō   (1644 – 1694)


  1. Wonderful shots Ruma!
    The girls and their colourful kimonos are so cute!

  2. Waw, as always wonderful pictures.. flowers are gorgeous.. Greetings..

  3. Un país de mitos y leyendas, las niñas con maravilloso y coloridos kimonos, junto a la belleza del crisantemo y su lenguaje.

    Saludos Ruma

  4. in the west, crysanthemum are often related to the dead . it's a beautiful flower and everytime i see any i remember Jacques Brel's song "J'arrive", which is about death, love... and crysantemum.yours are exquisite, especially the white ones.

  5. Hello Ruma!!! Photos are exceptional, very very beautiful but how different the cultures are!!!! Yes, because these flowers mean death in my country!!!! I´m sorry. KISSES AND HUGS FROM SPAIN.

  6. Ruma:
    Cuanta belleza tiene su blog estas flores .

  7. C,est tellement joli tout ces chrysanthèmes, et que dire de ces jeunes filles, elles sont trop mignonnes !

  8. Ruma... especially the first white chrysanthemums are like a aquarela of cotton, fantastic!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos. I love this glimpse in another world ...a wonderful world.

  10. Beautiful photo of the white chrysanthemums. I don't think of them as representing death. Most of us are happy to have them in our gardens, especially since there are so many interesting varieties.

  11. Beautiful chrysanthemums- I like the colourful flowers in the second photo very much. In India, chrysanthemums are used in the worship of the elephant god Ganesha.

  12. The moment I opened this blog, gorgeous white-ball-like chrysanthemum popped out. I wonder how many petals they have. They outstand especially in the dark and make me feel God might reside in each of them.

    The photo of the imposing shrine building under the deep blue sky without clouds shows how the day was serene and warm as if congratulating on and praying for healthy growth of the children.

    Chrysanthemum are related to death here in Japan, too. They are used as funeral flowers. Noble flowers, subdued colors of white or yellow, are suitable to respect and mourn the deceased.

  13. Beautiful pictures.Greetings Andrzej.

  14. Chrysantemus are so beautiful! One of my favourite flowers. I like especially these white ones.
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. j'aime découvrir ici Ruma.Cette deuxième photo m'impressionne!
    j'ai le sentiment d'entendre parler les fleurs entre nous....
    et merci pour cette pensée de la beauté en chaque phénomène
    belle journée Ruma
    I discover here Ruma. The second picture impresses me!
    I feel the flowers hear us ....
    and thank you for thinking of the beauty in every phenomenon
    Ruma great day

  16. Wonderful images!
    My father grew flowers some years ago. This flower in Spain is used to put on the graves on te 1st of november.
    I´ve never seen so beautiful varieties.

  17. Wonderful pictures, Ruma. Son maravillosas tus imágenes. Las flores parecen fuegos artificiales!!! Bellísimas.


  18. All these colours are really gorgeous!

    (I also want to thank you for your comment in portuguese in my blog. I was very surprised and thought it was a sign of respect for my country and my language. Thank you for that!)

  19. Son de una belleza magnífica, los cristantemos y las niñas.
    El crisantemo simboliza la sabiduría, lo sublime y no hay duda de que estos que muestras lucen ambas cosas.
    Unas fotografías preciosas que es un placer observar atentamente y sentir las mágicas formas de los pétalos.

    Un saludo, Ruma.

  20. My gosh the detail and the lighting are beautiful. Simply amazing.

  21. Hello Ruma !
    Very beautiful flowers. I appreciate the shape of the first one. Ths shape of those on the second photo is different but very beaituful.
    The both little girsl are vey cute.

  22. A beauty, color, sensitivity and innocence, qualities that become ephemeral and somehow they transform along the life.

    Thank you for your charming words in my blog, it is an honor for my.

    An affectionate greeting.



  23. Stunning photos, Ruma! Thank you for the sunshine you're offering through your pictures!
    Amazing!I love all of them but my favourite is the first one.


  24. これは、大きな喜びと私は私のブロックであなたを訪問する名誉なことです。
    It is a great pleasure and honor for me to visit you in my block.
    Japan, land of the rising sun, has culture and history of many thousands of years and this makes us feel valued and respecte.
    Best regards from Greece

  25. Gracias Ruma por acercarnos éstas tradiciones a través de tu información y bellas fotografías llenas de colorido y detalles. Saludos.

  26. Beautiful chrysanthemums. I love these flowers.

  27. Very, very nice pictures!
    We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011
    Greetings from Spain, Wout’s fotobloG

  28. Your photos are really amazing. Sincere congratulations.

  29. Their full forms do float like clouds and your photographs capture the beauty of the setting and precious children. I remember your other post about the children. Lovely tradition. Beautiful post!

  30. Wonderful shots Ruma! Thank you for nice comment on my blogg.

  31. Very nice photos Ruma. I lke them a lot!

    Have a nice evening!

  32. Esas flores son increíbles, los colores, el tamaño, son verdaderas obras de arte de la naturaleza. Felicitaciones por las preciosas fotos.
    Un abrazo

  33. Preciosas todas las fotos que nos has dejado, como siempre.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  34. I love the second picture best. They look like fireworks. Thank you so much for all you're doing.

  35. Hi Ruma, children are so cute!!! In Italy chrysanthemums are combined in the idea of death. In your post I discover all their beauty, with colour and shape!

  36. ♥ Olá, amiga!♫
    ♫♥ Que lindo... muito, muito bonito!!!
    ♫♫ Beijinhos. ♥♫
    ♫♥ Brasil

  37. Beautiful images are spectacular floral exhibits and the temples are so beautiful too.

  38. En estas fiestas tan entrañables, con mis mejores deseos de ilusión, paz y felicidad.


    Un abrazo.

  39. Ruma, I am so glad that I found you. These are all amazing photographs. I love them so much. Your blog is a piece of art.

    My best wishes to you, Ruma.

  40. Ruma, the few words of yours was like a pure and light touch of Eternity.

    Thank you.

  41. The chrysanthemums are so beautiful, both the regal white ones and the whispy, spidery ones of all colors...but as beautiful as they are, they cannot match the lovely children in their bright kimonos. What a wonderful tradition, this blessing of the children. The Japanese certainly know how to do special rituals and we need to learn from you about the beauty of such traditions.

  42. Great shots and very beautiful flowers!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice day****

  43. your photos are truly captivating. very colourful and appealing shots. i enjoy your previous photos as well. great job. hope your week is off to a great start.

  44. I have never heard that chrysantemum means death, anyway, it´s a beautiful flower. Your pictures are wonderful.
    Have a nice day.

  45. ¡Cuánto color!

    Feliz Navidad y un fuerte abrazo

  46. Felices fiestas!!

    Queria comunicarte que he transladao el blog a la siguiente dirección, para que no me pierdas la pista y creas que he abandonado el blog.

    A mano derecha tienes para registarte y seguirme desde la nueva página.

    Disculpa la charla, ya creare un tema en el blog redirecionando ;)

    Un saludo.

  47. What fantastic images. Happy holidays.
    Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of José Ramón

  48. Wonderful shots Ruma. kiss

  49. Wonderful colors.
    What a beautiful pictures!
    Great photography!

  50. Beautiful place and rich culture very nice photography.

    Laby[zoot suits]

  51. Hola ruma.
    Maravilloso, unas fotografías preciosas.
    No conozco Japón pero siempre me ha llamado la atención y me ha maravillado sus gentes, paisajes, en si todo. Un País único con unas personas y una naturaleza ejemplar.
    Gracias por dar y enseñar cosas maravillosas como las que hay en Japón.
    Saludos cordiales ruma.

  52. una maravilla...

  53. that as pretty pictures. I like kimonos

  54. Omgg!!Nice girls... thanks for ur coment in my blog!!

    i follow u!!

  55. Ruma, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed your beautiful photos very much. I have many chrysanthymums in my yard that have just finished blooming this Autumn. I have a daughter who is in Okinawa right now who is also a photographer.

  56. I am so glad you came to see me. Your post is fantastic,I am so impressed. You also have a ton of followers, no wonder beautiful blog. Thanks I love football mums and chrysanthemums .
    This was a real treat.


  57. hola ruma.
    preciosas tomas me ha encantado la luz y el color
    y esas cultura diferente
    un saludo seguire viendo el blogg

  58. Hello Ruma
    What they are such beautiful flowers. Thank you very much for the invitation and unshared.
    Peace and of love

  59. Thank you for visit to blog:) great pictures Sanada I wish a good weekend:) loves ...

  60. Thank you for your comment. I am an admirer of Japanese woodblock prints and art - the traditional culture fascinates me. Your photos of the white chrysanthemum is beautiful!

  61. Absolutely wonderful photos. You are a very talented photographer!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment.
    Kay, Alberta, Canada

  62. Hello dear Ruma,

    It is hard to believe that in the West, the chrysanthemum means "death".
    While the flower is so colourful, so full of leaves and so full of life.
    You captured it's beauty perfectly.
    Compliments for this blogpost.

    Lovely greetings from Holland,

  63. Thanks for visiting my blog, Ruma. Your photos are gorgeous, particularly the white chrysanthemums! You have a great eye for color and beauty!

  64. Хризантемы - потрясающие! Не думала, что этот красивый цветок - символ смерти.
    В нашем климате выращивать любые цветы очень сложно. Но как же это красиво...
    С горячим приветом из Узбекистана, Марианна :)

  65. Хризантемы - цветы жизни: они радуют глаз даже под снегом ( у нас в России) и божественно пахнут!
    Здоровья Вам и счастья!


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