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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Peace" Japanese calligraphy

    "" (WA, yawaragu). It is translated as peace, harmony, Japanese, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

   Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
   和 ⇒ 禾 (grain, rice) + 口 (mouth)

   禾 : The state that the ears of the foxtail millet lower in the shape of a circle
   The form of the circle suggests the peace.

   This kanji brought the meaning to show our nation from ancient times, too.
   You may have heard the Japanese heart. The heart of "和 (WA)".

   Our ancestor expressed both the peace and the national as one character.
   They prayed to the both for descendants.
   And left this kanji to us as property.

   I pray you and yours to peace.


  1. 私は平和のために祈りを捧げて参加ルマ

  2. Peace is what World needs the most I think!
    Thank you.

  3. Prince Shotoku said “Harmony is the greatest of all virtues.” in 7th century. I think Japanese virtue has been “tolerance to maintain harmony.” I pray for harmonious world regardless of racial, cultural, or religious difference.

  4. Your wonderful work spends a little piece of peace to the world! May the Christmas season
    fill your home with joy,
    your heart with love
    and your life with laughter.
    Wishing you peace, prosperity and health for 2011.
    Hugs from Luzia.

  5. Me encanta ésta caligrafía, muy elegante. Saludos.

  6. ¡Qué la paz y el amor iluminen nuestro entendimiento y abran nuestro corazón. Por el bien de la humanidad

  7. Felices fiestas y que se cumplan todos tus sueños.
    Un abrazo

  8. ¡Hermosa palabra! Que entre todos hagamos posible que la paz sea en el mundo.

  9. Love this text - it is engraved on our temple bell which is rung to send peace vibes across the world Go well. B

  10. Un haiku para ti Ruma en mi blog.

  11. Hi,RUMA
    大和 is the ancient name of Nara. It literally means great harmony.But, sad to say, there were many power struggles in the Imperial government of 大和 caused by the different factions. All we need now is 和. 和 seems to be the eternal theme and hope for all of us,isn' it?. May the world be full of "和"spirit and peace in the new year!!

  12. It looks like a Christmas tree and a gift...
    I wish you a happy new year for your and yours, from my heart!

  13. Dear Ruma,
    I wish you peaceful and happy New Year!
    All the best!


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