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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Star" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (sei, hoshi). It is translated as star, planet, any point of light.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

 Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
 生 (life, lifetime, birth)  +  晶 (clear, pure, clean)

 "晶" means the form of the star.

 Something which is clean is born in darkness.
 It is really fit to express an opening of the creation.

 "Phono-semantic compound "
It is a characteristic of the kanjis.
 This character shows it beautifully...


  1. R-thanks for the explanation of the kangi script for star - beautiful to think of something clean and pure born in darkness.

  2. Stars are beautiful and the image is lovely!

  3. Toujours agréable de te retrouver Ruma et merci !

  4. Etymology of Star is almost perfect. How beautiful it is! In the infinite space, stars are born and gone. But, till the light of a star reaches to our eyes, it takes eons. So, the star we see now may not exist anymore. It is interesting and sad.

  5. Olá querida Ruma! Passei para deixar-lhe um abraço e dizer-te que gostei da etimologia da estrela muito bonito. Abrç!!


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