Saturday, August 13, 2011

" Summer " Japanese calligraphy

  "夏" (ka, natsu). It is translated as summer.
  This character is written by Kanzi, Seal script.

  Etymology : Hieroglyph

  The figure which the man attaches a big mask, and dance.
  Then it came to gradually express the size of the person.
  It has the meaning of the state that force is prosperous.

  "The summer"
  Delight, and the later lingering sound.
  The summer thought floatage and calms down.

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  1. Summer is rather wet and cold this year here, but still beautiful! I love the image:)

  2. Merci Ruma, encore un apprentissage !

  3. A strong man´s dance - I can see the meaning of the calligraphie. Thank you my friend for the "translations". Hugs from Luzia.


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