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" Elastic " Japanese calligraphy

   "" (jū, or yawarakai). It is translated as elastic, soft, gentle, pliant, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

   Etymology : Ideogrammic compound
    矛 (spear)   +   木 (tree)
   The tree is softer than spear.

   The word is known for the words such as these.
    柔 術 (
jū-jutsu )   
    柔 道 (
jū-dō )    Olympic event

   Japanese Spirit   " Soft controls hard "
   Refrain from murder and violence.   Put weight in courtesy and spirituality.

   " 柔 "   This has the meaning that transcended soft.
   It contains many good feelings.
   adaptability, tolerant, flexibility, carefree, recoverable, etc.

   This movie shows the traditional essence.
   One of the Kobudō master, his mind (mental) and body (physical) are completely unified.
   His purpose is defense, isn't attack or play a fighting game.


   The human potential is infinite. Nobody knows the limit.
   His ability is extremely utilized to the maximum.

   Yes. They may be unscientific and incredible however.
   There are a lot of such masters in Japan.


   Exhibition were invited to France

   The people have each possibility.
   We walk the process to our own reaching.

    " Without fighting, Win "

   The man can stare at himself, always.

   山里は  又静かなる  明の春
    松尾 芭蕉 (1644 – 1694)

   Mountain village  still more quieter  the New Year
    Matsuo Bashō (1644 – 1694)


  1. Your considerations are pearls of wisdom, dear friend! Have a nice Saturday!

  2. Dear Ruma,I visited Japan and now ,whit your blog,I rememember images an words of this culture so special for me.
    Many thanks

  3. Dear Ruma

    I wish you a very Happy New Year.

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  4. Dear Ruma,

    An ideogram beautiful ... as all the writing of your culture ...

    Have a good weekend.

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  5. Yes, people have an infinite potential. Body and soul are in harmony, and is running great CONCERNS emerges.

  6. I am becoming more attracted by the Eastern world, is much truth in it ...
    Thanks for your friendship, a big hug.

  7. un sport qui demande beaucoup d'adresse de concentration d'efforts et du travail mais que je n'ai jamais pratiqué !

  8. Thank you for another wonderful post, Ruma!
    All the best in this new year!

  9. Full of meanings character...and Sensei is magnificent!

  10. My deerest friend
    Many thanks for yous wishes!
    I wish you a very Happy New Year, with a good health and happiness in your family!
    Very nice sport and identifying the pictures you!
    Best regards

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  12. Fukushima n'était pas assez élastique.

  13. Certainly portraying the softness in the meaning of the word!

  14. I've heard about this master. The uke falling at the very first seconds is a talented french aikido teacher. As I also practice and teach aikido, this kind of thing is very intersting to me, although I'm far away to have such a softness in my practce... I'm still too young for it !

  15. Dear Ruma,

    It's a pleasure visiting you here and learning about your culture one post at a time. I thank you for your kind words and look forwards to more visits :-)

    Blessings to you

  16. Great !
    Best regards from France...


  17. Bonjour et merci de ta visite c'est si gentil
    De superbe photo et un sport que faisais mon fils étant petit
    Mais il a cessé ce sport pour faire du hand
    Très belles photos chez toi

  18. Beautiful posts: Elastic and Sensei!
    Have a nice day!

  19. Very fascinating! Great importance. Many powerful techniques in the video, fun to watch. Have a nice Saturday.

  20. Estupenda la imagen y el video.

    Saludos y buen fin de semana.

  21. Preciosa entrada en un principio de año que nos lo pintan crudo
    para ti y los tuyos feliz 2012
    Un abrazo

  22. R-amazing that one character can convey so much meaning. Winning without fighting is a good thing. Go well. B

  23. What a wonderful post over this beautiful sign. I practice Aikido and Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu. So it is amazing to see the video-clips. Thank you very much for sharing. I wish you a Happy New Year.

  24. Fable De La Fontaine : le chêne et le roseau...
    Bon week-end.

  25. °º♫
    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.
    ✿⊱╮Amiga, o potencial humano é infinito... e deveria ser usado apenas para promover a paz e a harmonia...
    Bom fim de semana!
    Brasil °º♫
    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  26. 年の初めにふさわしい、心引き締まる嬉しい言葉です。


  27. After a nice break, visiting my family in Athens Greece, it is nice to see your wonderful post and learning about your culture. I will visit Japan one day.

    Friendly regards

  28. How such different words can form a new one, its still beyond me sometimes! :)

    P.S.: Happy new Year to you!

  29. Salut Ruma,
    Heureuse année 2012.
    Merci de vos visites et vos gentils commentaires durant l'année passée, en espérant que cela continue.
    À bientôt.Celeste

  30. Ruma that happiness to take again the "virtual" contact. Much makes your return happy and to contemplate again the beauty of these letters.
    A cordial greeting.

  31. I hope that the all good feelings translated by this sign "adaptability, tolerant, flexibility, carefree, recoverable etc.." will apply to the Year 2012! Best wishes, DeeBee

  32. Another wonderful post, Ruma! Thank you!!

  33. andou sumida (o)...feliz ano novo..bjos

  34. Your explanation about the kanji ( 柔)is intersting and touching. Thank you for the splendid post.

  35. It was wonderful to learn the word explained so beautifully. Thanks Ruma and a very Happy new year

  36. The word 柔 is explained so beautifully and spritually, ruma. I like “soft controls hard” among all your impressive words. If there’s any fighting, it is only one with ourselves.

  37. Hello Ruma!!!! How different your manners are!!!! Different but magic and interesting!!!! Kisses from Spain.

  38. Te deseo lo mejor para este nuevo año...
    Un abrazo.

  39. Maravilhoso seu post. Estou de volta depois de uns dias ausente.
    Desejo uma semana imensa de coisas boas. Obrigada pelo carinho da amizade...Um abraço!

  40. Hello Huma,
    excelent post!

  41. Hi Ruma...
    splendid post, like the video's of the wrestling sport!!

    grtz, Nieske

  42. Cada día se aprende algo nuevo, y eso es bueno.

    Un abrazo

  43. My dear Ruma, I arrived in India five weeks ago tonight...I need elastic waistbands in all my pants now....I've been eating such fabulous food. I do miss my sashimi and sushi, though as that is own thing I will not eat here.

    For your information, when I was 17, I was the Southeastern Women's Judo Champion...thought that might make you smile.

  44. É sua amizade que desejo lembrar para sempre e estará sempre em meu coração,
    mantendo-nos aquecidos, fortalecidos e segura de que nunca estarei sozinha.
    E é assim que eu guardo você
    Minha linda Amizade.
    E é assim que eu quero guardar...
    Como alguém que estará longe, mas sempre lembrará de mim.
    Obrigada pelo carinho nesse um ano de Viagem comigo.
    Obrigada por estar do meu lado sempre sem notar meus defeitos
    me aceitando como sou.
    Sei que deixo muito a desejar em responder a sua visita
    mais tenho cada amigo e amiga no coração.
    Me perdoe por levar uma unica mensagem para visita
    infelizmente minhas mãos não ajuda .
    Porem me sinto feliz e recompensada por todos entender minha situação.
    Na postagem tem uma presente desse dia tão feliz para mim
    ficarei feliz em encontra-lo no seu blog.
    Obrigada ,Deus esteja com todos nos nessa jornada
    que Deus me permita estar contigo por muitos anos ainda.
    Beijos e carinhos.

  45. thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your country.

    loving japan!

    happy new year, dear ruma.
    it's been so long since i've heard from you.


  46. Oi tudo bem? achei muito legal oque vc postou o esporte esta em tudo né! achei legal mesmo... bjoss e fica com Deus..

  47. Człowiek z filmików jest taki, jak pokazany na początku znak. Cudownie to wyjaśniłeś. Pozdrawiam.

    Man of the videos is as shown at the beginning of a character. Have explained it wonderfully. Yours.

  48. Vuelvo por su espacio para deleitarme en la hermosa caligrafí apasiona...

    Un fuerte abrazo,

  49. Ruma,
    What an interesting blog!! I had not noticed “柔 consists of spear +tree.” It shows the essence of Ju-do very well. It is to turn an opponent’s strength to mine, so a small person can defeat a bigger one. To learn Ju-do is to learn spirituality, courtesy, concentration and more and more. Thanks a lot, Ruma.

    1. Hola ruma espero que no valla para el spam el comentario.
      Como siempre es un placer venir y ver las cosas que expones en tu blog. Encantado de ver la cultura Japonesa mediante tu estupendo trabajo que nos acerca un poco más a Oriente.
      Un abrazo ruma.


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