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Monday, December 16, 2013

Continuing eternal prayer with " God " Japanese calligraphy

" Tabira Lord of Heaven temple " 
There is the church in the remote hill among fields.
The historic sense seems to give it.

This frugal space has the appearance is good for the solemn prayer.

St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church "

8.9.1945, 67 years ago. One bomb was dropped on this neighborhood.
People take the influence just a moment. More than 70,000 missed.

Most of the towns melted with many citizens. Innocent at all children, women... they can't even run away.
Only "one" and "a moment"...  It was made with atomic energy.

The stained glass is made in Italy Milan City, Alessandro Grassi Corporation.
Today, and tomorrow...   The pious prayer will continue.

NAGASAKI is the town with most believers accompanying the Lord of Heaven.

Please forgive us, and please protect us.
Nearer, my God, to Thee...

    "" (shinn, or kami).  It is translated as God.
    This character is written by Kanzi Regular script.

    Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
    phonetic 申 (extend) + semantic 示 (show)

    "申 (shinn)" is a hieroglyph of the thunder.
    The meaning of God came out of the sacredness.

    神社 (Jin-ja)
    The meaning is Shinto shrine.

    This kanji lets the heart rouse feelings to respect our ancestor.
    Itself may possess mysterious power.

    いと高きところでは、神に栄光があるように。 地の上ではみ心にかなう人々に平和があるように。  ルカ 2:14 
     Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.  Luke 2:14

Quiet country scenery is impressive.
This movie is " Tabira Lord of Heaven temple "

Merry Christmas.  God bless you all.

A wonderful new year for you and yours.

       From the Far East, Japan.


  1. What a beautiful pictures have you made ruma,
    it's a great post.

    Wish you and your dear ones also a Merry Christmas and for 2014 all the best wishes.

    Warm greetings and a hug from Holland, Joop

  2. Great post and beautiful church

  3. Hi you are very welcome!
    Your post is very interesting and beautiful.
    The pictures are great quality.
    You and your relatives wish you nice peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Greetings from far away Polish.

  4. Es un post magnífico!
    Las fotografías son una maravilla.

  5. thank you for sharing this beautiful building that inspires prayer.
    your heart felt words touch my heart and i thank you.

    lovely holidays to you!

  6. Thank you for your amazing pictures, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Sparkling New Year :)

  7. Nice, very nice and colourful pictures. I like them!!!! Happy Xmas. Kisses from Spain.
    I like your Spanish!!!!

  8. Hi R these images and I imagine the church itself give a sense of quiet and stillness - it would be so peaceful to sit in stillness in such a place. Thanks and peace. B

  9. God bless you, Ruma! Have a special holiday and a really Happy New Year ahead!
    Japanese calligraphy is tremendously impressive, thaks for sharing. My first post this year was devoted to this: "Touch it and the bloom is gone..." And now the subject crowns the year, isn't it symbolic?
    Best wishes from Russia!

  10. It really looks like the orthodox churches I visited in northern Europe.

  11. hallo Ruma, very interesting post, I see the church are similar all around the world !
    Please accept my best wishes for the coming Christmas and a Happy new year to you and the whole Japan !
    ciao from Italia and thans for visiting the "italian view" .

  12. Very beautiful pictures, nice writing also.
    I think that your country is very beautiful to visit, so meaby one day I will come over and see what it really look.
    All my best wishes and take care of yourself ♥

  13. Hello Ruma.
    Thank you for visit, your pictures are lovely and wonderful video, is a pleasure to visit you space, lovely colours y very deep words.
    Have a very happy Christmas.
    A big hug.

  14. very beautiful church pictures.. thanks for the sharing..
    Please Visit My News Site, and share your views. thanks

  15. Una bonitas fotografías pero la que
    me parece preciosa es la de las
    vidrieras. Magnifica!!!
    Un saludo, Ángel

  16. Gracias Ruma por acercarnos estos lugares a través de tus preciosas fotografías.
    Un placer conocer esta interesante "caligrafía".
    Un abrazo desde Mérida -España-.
    Te deseo Feliz Navidad y un excelente año.

  17. triste evenimente au fost candva, Ruma!
    minunate imagini ai postat aici!
    si eu iti doresc, din toata inima: "Craciun fericit !"

  18. Esa iglesia memorial deja una reflexión y un pensamiento a aquellos que se fueron contra su voluntad.
    Unas felices fiestas con un abrazo.

  19. Gracias Ruma por compartir tan hermosas fotografías de esa interesante y significativa iglesia.
    Gracias por tus buenos deseos para esta Navidad y año 2014...para ti también deseo una hermosa Navidad y un año pleno de buenaventura.
    Un abrazo

  20. Ruma, a beautiful series with sphere of this nice church. Thank you, Warm greetings Dietmut

  21. 荘厳で美しい教会ですね。入り口で迎えてくださるのはマリア様でしょうか。宗派を超えて、いと高き所におられる真理に向かい手を合わせ、同じ方向を向いていけば、平和な世の中も不可能ではないはずですが・・・。 今年一年の感動をありがとうございます。

  22. Un lugar que incita a la oración cargado de historia

    El ser humano ha creado cosas horribles para las propias personas...

    Abrazos y felices fiestas, que el nuevo año te traiga lo mejor!!!


  23. Merry Christmas an peace in your spirit.

    · hugs

    · CR · & · LMA ·

  24. Gorgeous the last shot. I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014. A big hug from Italy.

  25. Excelentes fotografias....
    Votos de Boas Festas....

  26. Bonjour,

    C'est un très bel hommage... Vos merveilleuses photos me laissent sans voix et très admirative.
    Une très jolie publication...

    A l'aube de ces fêtes de fin d'année, je vous souhaite tout plein de bonnes choses afin que tout se réalise, y compris le bonheur...

    Gros bisous à vous ♥

  27. 神聖な教会のお写真素晴らしいです。まさしくdivine としか表現できない教会音楽が建物の中で鳴り響くことと想像します。

    Have a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best in the New Year, too!

  28. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year for your and yours my dear friend.

    hugs from

  29. Hola Ruma.

    Te deseo que juntó a tus seres queridos pases unas felices fiestas.
    feliz Navidad.

    Un cálido abrazo

  30. I wish you a good Christmas with your family :))
    メリークリスマス ruma!!
    a hug

  31. Que maravilla... Un abrazo desde Murcia... Felices fiestas...

  32. Have a wonderful Christmas season Ruma!

    ─────── ,
    ────── ╱八╲
    ───丿乂♡✲ *|✩✪乂乀
    ──丿乂♡✲ *✩*☀✩✪乂乀
    ─丿乂♡✲ *✩*✽*☀✩✪乂乀
    丿乂♡✲ *✩*♥♤✽*☀*✩✪乂乀
    茴 ─ 茴─茴─ █ ─茴─茴─茴♡

    ___✫¸.•°*”✫✫✫ ”*°•.✫
    __✫¸.•°*” JOYEUX”*°•.✫
    _____✫¸.•°*” AMINAUTE”*°•.✫

  33. Piękny kościół i wspaniałe witraże. Zyczę radosnych Świąt i pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful church and wonderful stained glass windows. I wish Merry Christmas and best regards.

  34. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  35. Merry Christmas :)

  36. Αγαπημένη μου φίλη Ruma
    Συγνώμη που καθυστέρησα να σου γράψω, αλλά έχω τα παιδιά και την εγγονούλα μου για τα Χριστούγεννα.
    Είναι πολύ συγκινητική η ανάρτηση σου, με την θλιβερή ανάμνηση του Ναγκασάκι.
    Κανένας μας δεν ξεχνάει τα αθώα θύματα της ατομικής βόμβας.
    Ο Θεός να τους αναπαύσει εν ειρήνη.
    Εύχομαι σε σένα και στην οικογένεια σου, ευτυχισμένες γιορτές με υγεία και ευτυχία!
    Σου στέλνω μια ζεστή αγκαλιά!

  37. Dear Ruma, thank you for a wonderful year of sharing your creativity, and for all the inspiration.
    Best wishes for a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!

    Greetings from Germany

  38. Beautiful photos. Merry Christmas.
    Happy Everything you devise. hug

  39. Hi Ruma
    Great photos
    especialy the one from
    the windows!!
    Wishing you and your family
    a blessed christmas and happy new year!!


  40. ¸.•°♡♡⊱彡
    Muita paz e muita luz em nossas vidas, no Natal e sempre!!!

    ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋯ ✰ ⋯
    ⋰ ⋮ ⋱



  41. thank you again for this report and your comments. I wish you a very happy Christmas. Loves Dietmut

  42. Je te retrouve, cher ami Ruma, après une période d'absence, toujours avec autant de plaisir. Tes photos sont toujours magnifiques. A l'occasion de Noël, que je te souhaite, le plus heureux possible auprès des tiens, je fais le vœux de cultiver cette amitié entre peuples , entre culture, dans un esprit de paix et d'amour, pour qu'il n'y ait plus de guerre ni de marchands d'armes sur cette terre.Je pense que, sincèrement l'art doit jouer un rôle dans ce sens.
    Je te présente aussi mes meilleurs vœux pour 2014;
    Avec toute mon amitié.


  43. ビデオの中にある様に小鳥のさえずりが似合う教会ですね。その昔怖い事が近くで起きたにもかかわらず。ステンドガラスを通り抜ける光がとてもきれいです。joyやpeaceも似合うと思います。
    Happy December and Happy New Year!

  44. すがすがしい緊張感と光にあふれた慈愛を感じます。愛と光と力が人の心と地上に拡がることを願います。今年も一年ありがとうございました。どうぞ良いお年をお迎えください。

  45. __________(█)
    _____ ████████
    ___ (░░░░░░░)░░░)
    __ (░░(░░●░░░)░░░)
    __ (░░░░◡░░)░░░░)
    ████ ██(░░░)██ ████
    ████ █████████ ███
    ████ ████░████ ███
    (░░)_ ▓▓▓▓▌▓▐▓▓▓_(░░)
    (██) ███████████ (██)
    ___(░░░░░░)(░░░░░) ▓▓▓▓)
    ____ (████)_(████)▓▓▓▓▓)------¡Felices Fiestas!.... ★MaRiBeL★

  46. Hello Ruma!

    As always, your pictures and your words offer us a nice change of scenery and a beautiful approach to spirituality around the world! Thanks !

    I wish you a wonderful new year !

  47. My dear Ruma...such a beautiful picture and your words evoke much sorrow at that horrible time of war for both our countries. Devastation such as took place in Japan should never have happened. Sadly, innocents always suffer. It is imperative that we make this world free of war and violence. May this New Year bring peace to the world.

  48. Beautiful pictures & video!
    I wish you a lovely 2014, too, ruma-san. :3

    Follow the Royal Peach

  49. Hi Ruma, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments you made me this year!
    I enjoyed all your photographs on your blog. I hope you had a wonderfull Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year! Good health, succes and lots of love.

    Hugs Yolanda

  50. 明けましておめでとうございます!

  51. ¡ Mis mejores deseos para el año 2014 !

  52. A Happy 2014 to you and yours.
    Wish you health and love.
    Warm hug, flowers and kisses from Brasil.

  53. Dear Ruma !!!
    A Happy New Year 2014.


  54. Ruma 運命の光の2014開始にあなたの感謝の心は非常に美しいの願いを表現するキュートな感情はいつもあなたにスペイン毎日おめでとう啓発

  55. I wish you a Happy New Year, I'll wait for a new beautiful post of yours ^_^

  56. Hello Ruma

    I wish you and your loved ones a fantastic 2014 with lots of love and happiness.

    Greetings, Joop

  57. Happy New Year 2014!
    A full of Happiness, Health, Love and Dreams Fulfilled Year.
    It is a pride to be Your Friend.
    Like Your Space and Your Country.
    Hugs and Kisses.


  58. Happy new year 2014
    Extending the idea of God.



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