Saturday, February 24, 2024

In the silver world, hot spring " Onsen "


There is one hot spring inn in the other side of the way of this cliff.
 We walk to there.

 Innumerable hot spring (Onsen) spread through the whole country.
 Because I was born in a south area, I like Onsens of the winter.

 There is an outdoor bath in the other side of this hut.

 Here is SembokuAkita Prefecture.
 It is a " nyūtō onnsenn village " in Towada-Hachimantai National Park.
Welcome to the forest of the beech.
 The heart of a mountain is dotted with hot spring inns.

 In this magoroku-onsen, color is white.
 The hot spring of Akita especially has the atmosphere of the old good Far East.

 Paradise in the intense cold.
 The onsen in the snow scene may let a person rebear.

I like this hot spring village the most.
Can you reach the deepest mountain hot spring in Japan?

Even deeper and more deeper....


  1. Creo que es de esa zona de donde vi documentales de los monos bañándose en las bañeras termales.


  2. Me encantan las imágenes. Besos.

  3. Awesome impression! I wish I could discover this gorgeous region on my own feet. Many thanks for your awaking some old dreams.

    Best regards from the other side of our planet.



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