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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Children's Day In wind

 May 5 is "Duanwu Festival" day in the Orient.
 It also means the Beginning day. 
 These manners and customs were begun in China of the third century.

 The Photografr Weekly "Art & Entertainment" Sunday, May. 01, 2011

 It is a nation holiday as "Children's Day" in the Far East on that day.
 The family whom a boy was born as displays carp streamer (
Koinobori) and Paper-carp streamers colored beautifully in the garden.

 The people pray for the growth that the boy is healthy.

 They perform various festivals nationwide in each place.
 The seal of the blessing family...

 The people share joy with them when they watch carp streamer.

 Girls' Day is March 3.  Please click here.


  1. What lovely look children day! and nice pictures.
    I saw the girls'day and I love the pictures, thanks for sharing Ruma, gloria

  2. Wonderful kites! I like the bright & varied colours.

  3. Wonderful kites! I like the bright & varied colours.

  4. I think that is such a beautiful and joyous tradition, Ruma-san. I always look forward to these posts! The birth of all children is a cause for celebration, in my opinion, and your country does it so eloquently!

  5. Superbe Ruma et bonne fête des enfants et bon premier mai !

  6. Beautiful images, especially where the carp drawrf the people.

  7. WOW! Gorgeous Koinoboris!! I like "Musha-e 武者絵" noboris as well. Thank you, ruma!

  8. Encantadora costumbre, Ruma. Una fiesta simpática, colorista y muy familiar.

    Un abrazo,


  9. Esos son peces voladores?

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  10. Beautiful photos, I like koinobori too.. :)

  11. Very colorful event and if it's colorful, it's always FUN. Love all the photos, Ruma. Happy weekend! :)

  12. Sehr schöne Windspiele...

    Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  13. Hello Ruma,
    What a lovely celebration it looks very cheerful but also it has a beautiful meaning.
    I wish lots of prosperity for the children and for there parents.
    Thank you for sharing this, without you i would not know.

    Warm regards,

  14. I had a red Koinobori when I was a kid that I loved so much!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots. ;-)

  15. Wonderful pictures of hope and joy.

    Once I wrote an 13 page essay about a kite. Thank you very much for the memories. Please have a good new month and week as well.

    daily athens

  16. Hello Ruma!!!! Sorry for writing a comment so late but I have had some problems to enter in your blog and I don´t know why... but I´M HERE!!!!!
    Funny and very professional photos!!!! I like them so much. KISSES AND HUGS FROM SPAIN.

  17. Que belleza de colores y encuadres, un genial reportaje de esta festiva y alegre jornada, un fuerte abrazo para ti

  18. Hola Ruma, bonitas fotos , bonitos colores y sobre todo bonita tradicion , sois increibles ,la forma que teneis de celebrar acontecimientos , y como se vuelca la gente en ellos.


    Saludos desde Gorliz

  19. Wind of May blows through my mind seeing these carps. Energetic and lovely season it is.

  20. Me alegra que celebreis así el día de los niños, la alegría de cada casa. Me gusta ver los paisajes de vuestros campos y parques, tan verdes y bien cuidados, señal de personas que cuidan los detalles.Disfrutad del día.
    Un abrazo.

  21. Hi, Ruma!
    Fantastic images, that blue sky and the kites are gorgeous, lovely perfect day, don't you think?
    Big hugs.

  22. It’s so inspiring to look up at carp swimming comfortably in the wind of May against vast blue skies.

  23. Estimado Ruma, estos días parece que estan realizando pruebas en el servidor Google, y han aparecido muchas cosas raras, entre ellas mis 2 blogs aparecían como "eliminados" despues de varios intentos logre entrar en mi blog pero posteriormente vi con sorpresa y decepcion que se habian borrado muchos enlaces de blogs que seguia, entre ellos el tuyo, lo comunique a Google pero aun no me han respondido, no me queda mas remedio que ir detectando los que se borraron y volver a seguirlos,
    disculpa la molestia.
    que tengas una feliz semana.
    un abrazo.

  24. Oh, really carps are swimming up falls in the sky!! I feel pleasant May breeze. Thank you, Ruma, have a nice day!

  25. How nice a childrens day...
    we have a mothers day and a fathers day...but this one is new...
    look great, nice picture..


  26. !Qué bonitas! I like know other cultures! Thanks very much, Ruma!

  27. Very interesting post and very nice photos!
    Have a good day, Ruma ;)

  28. Ruma,
    so beautiful!!!Like a houp!

  29. Dear friend Ruma
    Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures!!! I learn Japanese traditions!
    Your photos are Wonderful as always!
    Thank you very much!
    Many greetings

  30. Hola Ruma, preciosas imágenes!!
    Sólo los niños son capaces de ver el viento que hace volar su imaginación lo mismo que hace elevarse a las cometas.

    Es maravilloso este espectáculo, gracias por mostrarlo.

  31. Las vistosas fotografías, llenas de excelentes tonos, transmiten alegría.
    Preciosa tradición.
    Un cordial saludo.

  32. Que costumbres tan preciosas tenéis en tu país ,estas fotos están llenas de color
    Un abrazo

  33. Hi Ruma,
    Also your new post is very nice.
    I love the way you captured your latest carps.
    Lovely in nice diagonal lines.
    Great shots and a lovely celebration.
    Have a nice day tomorrow on the boys day.
    Warm greetings,

  34. Extraordinary display of kites to celebrate a day dedicated to children.
    A big hug and from here we also enjoy with you.

  35. Una tradición preciosa. Ahora estoy empezando a conocer la cultura japonesa y su idioma, poco a poco, descubriendo...

    Preciosas fotografías.

  36. ...¡que lujo para la vista Ruma!...siempre es maravilloso venir por aquí y aprender de la costumbres de tu país...un abrazo...

  37. Hello Ruma !
    I saw the flying carps on Flo de Sendaï's blog.
    That is very a beautiful day for the children. I have something Japanese in my garden. Specially in my pond. Four Koï carps.

  38. colorful and beautiful kites! nice to know about the festivals that you have there. I've seen some festival but never known that there is something like this in Japan.

  39. What an interesting custom, Ruma! The fishes are great, so colorful!

  40. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  41. Hi!

    Thanks for visiting me.

    I loved your blog. Beautiful photographs and ideas.
    From Brazil

  42. ¡Hello Ruma!
    These carp streamers are beautiful. A wonderful symbol for "Children´s Day".

  43. Bom dia Ruma,
    Adorei as imagens,
    são lindas.
    Adorei sua visita,
    bom final de semana para você.
    ;0) beijos no coração, Binis.

    Good day Ruma
    I loved the images,
    are beautiful.
    I've enjoyed your visit,
    good weekend for you.
    ;0) in the heart kisses, Binis.

    Brasil - RS

  44. °º♥ ·.Amiga!

    Que feriado nacional maravilhoso!...

    Quem dera que fosse feriado no mundo inteiro... um dia de reflexão e dedicação às crianças.

    A penúltima foto é incrível... as flores brancas e as carpas contra o céu... belíssimo!!!

    ♥ Bom fim de semana!
    Feliz Dia das Mães!!!


    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  45. Hi, I borrowed your photo and wrote about your blog here. Hope you don't mind.

  46. Ruma, I remember this holiday from your last year post and find it very special to celebrate children this way. To pray for their health and peace. I notice too your calligraphy post below is of the word joy and what better word for what children are. It must be joyous for children of all ages to see all the beautiful displays of paper fish flying over the spring landscapes. Lovely and endearing. Carol

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