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Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Joy" Japanese calligraphy

 "" (ki, yorokobu). It is translated as like, love, enjoy, joyful thing, etc.
 This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

 Etymology : Ideogrammic compound
 壴 (drum)  +  口 (mouth)

 The state to be pleased that people play music.

 This character has very lucky meanings in the Orient.

 Meeting with all of my followers you.
 And recognizing the world that I do not know.
 Sharing the world that I do not know with the friends.
 It is my "Joy".

 Infinite "Joy"  Each person is walking toward it...

 I hope that you arrive at there.


  1. What nice word is Joy Ruma, x gloria

  2. This calligraphy certainly does look joyful!

  3. Merci Ruma et bon mois de mai !

  4. Vielen Dank Ruma...

    Herzlichst und alles Liebe


  5. I guess the mouth represents the open-mouthed expression of joy. How appropriate.

  6. Every day I still think the Japanese people,
    I think his concern and his difficulties and also the hope and joy!
    Thank you, dear Ruma, we offer all of your wonderful blog!

  7. cool! I want to go back during our toddler days. what do you call that thing? is it a kite also?

  8. play the music
    en"joy" the heart

  9. The expression of this calligraphy says everything: HAPPINESS.
    I wait and desire you goes all good and little by little retomeis the normality ... that the happiness does not leave you.
    Happy weekend.
    Cordial greeting from Spain.

  10. Beautiful! I love your words . . . "walking towards" (joy) It is within reach . . . certainly finding you has added joy to many Ruma. Thank you! Carol

  11. Ruma, adorei o recadinho e a visita ao Rótulos & Cia! Obrigada! As fotos do seu blog blog são lindas! So, so beautiful!!!
    Thanks! Obrigada!


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