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Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Sky" Japanese calligraphy

 "空"(sora, or kū) It is most often translated as "Void", but also meaning "sky" or "Heaven".

 It is one of the five elements.
 This character is written by Kanzi, Regular script.

 Etymology : Phono-semantic compound
(holl)  + phonetic  (labour, work)

 The ancient people may have imagined that it was opened a hole in the sky.
 They would have a really magnificent design.

 一切は「無」, 一切は「空」。
 All is "Nothing", all is "Void".

 The thing which I watch may be created by my heart...


  1. Gracias por seguir mostrandonos los secretos de la Caligrafía. Me gusta mucho.
    Cordial saludo.

  2. Sky is such a beautiful word and the image is gorgeous!

  3. Tudo o que vi aqui me encantou.
    Lindas imagens. Voce apareveu em boa hora. Vou aprender muito sobre este lindo pais. Paisagns, cultura, enfim..
    Gostei de seus comentarios nas imagens.
    São Hai-kais?
    Adoro hai=kai e adoro sumi-e.
    Ja estudei um pouco de sumie. Praticava sumie
    tomando saque..para dar inspiração. ! Rindo ).
    Obrigada pelas palavras gentis em meu blog.
    Ma Ferreira

    All I saw here charmed me.
    Beautiful pictures. You apareveu in good time. I will learn
    much about this beautiful country. Paisagns, culture, finally ..
    I enjoyed your comments on the images.
    San Hai-kais?
    I love and adore kai hai = sumi-e.
    've studied a bit of sumie. I practiced taking sumie
    .. serve to give inspiration. ! Laughing).
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    Ma Ferreira

  4. Very beautiful your blog! Eu gostei muito do seu blog. Quero aprender questões culturais e a caligrafia da língua japonesa. Espero que esteja tudo melhor por aí. Amo o povo japonês. Kisses for you, my friend!


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