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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Heart" Japanese calligraphy

    "心" (shinn, or kokoro). It is translated as heart, maind, spirit, etc.

    This character is written by Kanzi, regular script.

    Etymology :  Hieroglyph
    This letter was created by the form of the heart.
    The ancient people express the state of the complicated internal organs well.

    The Nature surely took most away from us.
    However, we have already taken more than it away from Nature, too.

    The Japanese had lost the traditional HEART after World War II.
    We have converted all into money.
    It might be omen to receive the future severe reward.

    The time when should recur in the origin of our own might come to pick us up. 

   "The man knowing that he is satisfied is wealthy"  Laozi.
   Yes, it's wealthy HEART.


  1. When a heart is lost, is the living out of a rhythm ...

    Best regards from Switzerland


  2. Heart means so much!
    Best regards my friend.

  3. ...mucho corazón hay en esta Caligrafía y en tí, Ruma.
    Saludos desde España.

  4. R-such exquisite colour in the flower - heart in shape - blodd red. I love the way you bring the script and photos together - continues to inspire us. Thanks. B -

  5. So simple and so beautiful

  6. I have a lot to see here and come back soon to admire all your beautiful landscapes, flowers, lights, calligraphies...

    Greetings from the West,


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