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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Earth" Japanese calligraphy

"地球" (chi-kyū). It is translated as earth.
This character is written by Kanzi,
Regular script.

Etymology : 
(ground) + (sphere)

You and I are here. beautiful Earth.
It is truth.
Even if the world is full of iniquity.

Now. The monster of uncontrollability made by ourselves retorts.


  1. Truthful words. Thank for them, Ruma!
    Wishing a good Earth, a calm one.
    You and we are here.

  2. Dear Ruma, earth is all we have ! Today I will put some flowers seeds in my garden which I want to dedicate to your beautiful country and to your people so strong, so kind, so courageous.
    A kiss

  3. Todos somos luz. No lo olvidemos. Para alimentar a aquelllos que aún no lo sienten...

  4. Bonita y reflexiva caligrafía...que la Tierra de Japón regrese, cuanto antes, a su normalidad. Con cariño, Ramón.

  5. La tierra es nuesro hogar, nuestro alimento, esperemos que la radioactividad no la dañe. Mi pensamiento con Japón.
    Un abrazo.

  6. J'aime bien ces calligraphies quoique je ne puisse rien y lire !

  7. May this earth which we share, be kinder and more benevolent.


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