Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smiles on Earth, Blessing of Universe.

 The blue planet earth.
 Sky. Sea. Air...

 They are shared with all.

 The earth gives us all.
 And it must be succeeded to all people.

 To Daughters, Descendants, World friends...

 This irreplaceable marine blue.
 What can I change this for?

 As for the exchange, is it forgiven me?

        *****************************   *****************************

 【Multilingual Information for Disaster Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake】

【Basic knowledge about the radioactive exposure(The second report)】

 【The method of the general decontamination(To the person who can use water)】

【The basic knowledge of the field of radioactivity about the nuclear power plant damage】

 These information from here, "National Institute of Radiological Sciences"
 You can read with English version.


  1. I am glad that you are okay. Blessings to you and to your fellow countrymen and women.

  2. Such beautiful photos of a beautiful world. The world needs to be cared for and loved to pass on to our children and our children's children.
    Love, prayers and blessings to the people in Japan. I truly care.

  3. Wonderful shots Ruma, as usual!
    The photo of the beautiful kids are one of my favourites here.

  4. Imagens muito belas e plenas de significado neste momento de um Japão tão sofrido.

  5. Wonderful and profound! I am now beginning to understand Japanese calligraphy.

  6. Beautiful photo's Ruma!
    I sympathize with all Japanese people. My thoughts are with you and I hope this catastrophy will end soon.
    Hugs from The Netherlands.

  7. Admiration and respect for you and your nation.
    You are giving a lesson to the world with your courage.
    Greetings from Spain

  8. Your connection and love to our earth is so moving Ruma. Thank you for sharing this beauty. The precious children holding the cabbage. . . Beautiful! Only now I fear what the earth will contain that may harm them. I love the light and blue within all of your photos. I am so hoping for a miracle to help all those still without food and warm shelter and for those exposed to radiation. Bless you and yours. Carol

  9. Querido Ruma hermosas fotos y toda mi solidaridad para tu pueblo.

  10. Querido Ruma, gracias por estas bellas imágenes de nuestro planeta azul, hermoso y que debemos compartir todos. Los niños son el futuro, sonrientes y felices, han de seguir.
    Nuestras oraciones acompañan a Japón.


  11. Hello Ruma...
    Thanks for this message...hopeful and blue words...
    We have a dangerous situation with nuclear problems in all the world,with nuclear central everywhere thousand and more in japan ,yesterday in ukraine and tomorrow? we dont know...i think it's not the good way for all human for our children in future...a strange and dangerous legacy...but it is just my opinion..
    I'm just feel so sad sad sad....
    all my best thoughts Ruma..

  12. It's a moving post, Ruma. It touches on fears as much as on beauty - which shows how historical context is sometimes as important as what is in the frame. As with the others, our thoughts are with Japan. Words fail. Best wishes.


  13. Very good post, nice photos.
    I hope Japan will be OK soon!
    Best wishes!

  14. Eindrückliche Fotos, sehr schön!

    Viele Grüsse


  15. Ruma my friend
    I am very pleased that "turned " with these wonderful and optimistic in your photos.
    It moves me deeply and I feel respect and affection for the Japanese people, as with so much fortitude and solidarity stands before the disaster.
    I hope everything goes well for you and my thoughts and my prayer is with you.
    Thank you very much
    Kind regards from Greece

  16. Beautiful photos, symbols of Hope for your country.
    All my thoughts and prayers go the people of Japan,to those who have lost not only everything...but worse, everyone around them...there are no words to translate so much grief...DeeBee

  17. El espíritu de la tierra nos bendice. Amemos -.-
    Om Mani Padme Hum

  18. Preciosas fotografías llenas de luz y esperanza. Espero y deseo una pronta recuperación de éste gran país que es Japón. Mi cariño y afecto.
    Cordial saludo desde España.

  19. Thank you Ruma, for theese beautiful pictures! In theese days you were in my mind... and I wish... blue sky and sunny days and smily faces and hope!

  20. Un placer haberme pasado por tu casa, un fin de semana más. Siempre un estupendas tus cosas.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  21. your post gave me peace this morning.. thank you..

  22. Thanks for these beautigful pictures of life. You have a great heart and you are a very very good person.
    With you and your fellow.

  23. Wonderful post. I loved the girls holding the cabbage. I was in Sendai from 1954 to 1956. I have a blog about sendai.

  24. Wonderful pictures ruma...glad you are okey there...

  25. Very beautiful landscape ! Nice photo with cute little girls , like it !

  26. Très très jolies ces images de la terre mais encore plus jolies ces petites filles toute charmantes. Belle leçon d'écologie !

  27. Hello Ruma!!!! I like these photos!!!! They are different from the others. I know about your country because of the news.... but the most important thing is that´s you are OK. KISSES AND HUGS FROM SPAIN.

  28. The last photo is magical!!! I love it. I so wish to visit this wonderful place on earth.

    Best wishes, Ruma :") I hope all is well.

  29. Thank you for your words and images full of hopes.
    Unmistakable gorgeous blue that soothes our hearts
    Girls smiling, and beautiful :)



  30. Superb photos and touching words, Ruma!

    You sent them to us from a country which demonstrated to the world its courage and ability to start over again! It is an example for us all.

    My deepest sympathy for people who lost their family! Respect for a country which does not give up!

  31. Hi Ruma
    fine picture of our beautiful planet..
    lovely colors of tke sky..
    great capture...compliments..


  32. Hi Ruma. Beautiful pictures full of light and hope.

    Greetings from Spain.

    Our hearts are with the Japanese people...

  33. Hi Ruma, I'm happy that you're quite fine.

    hope all will be ok soon.

    Greetings from Italy

  34. Unas fotografías y mensaje lleno de belleza y buenas intenciones. Mi solidarid con ustedes. Que se solucionen pronto los problemas.
    Un abrazo.

  35. You show us that beauty can still be found in the midst of tragedy.

  36. こんにちはルマ、






    Hi Ruma,

    I feel for you, it hurts me also what happened in Japan ....


    Rain on flowers

    In infinite silence

    Tears of sorrow

    © Hans-Peter Zürcher

    Thanks for your review, all the best and love you up


  37. Gorgeous shots Ruma, the colours are fabulous, I hope you are well and that everyone is slowly getting back on there feet.

  38. Belutiful images Ruma, they are hope for all the earth.

  39. Hi, Ruma! I love your pictures very much! These are fantastic! Hope every thing is fine with you and your family.


  40. Dear Ruma,

    I am new here. I read your very moving comment on Isabella's blog. I am impressed by your very beautiful pictures.

    I wish you and your country all the best!


  41. Hello Ruma,

    I have been reading the last couple of blog posts that you placed and i have to admit that i have goosebumps on my arms, neck and back.
    So much tragedy so much pain, so much lost.
    I truly hope that you and your loved ones can stay strong and that one day Japan will be beautiful and strong as ever before.
    And that it will be a save harbour to live in.
    My thoughts are with you and the Japanese people.

  42. beautiful photos... of life
    thank you for these links.

  43. je vous lis depuis plus d'un an, merci pour toutes les belles photo de votre pays, en ce moment nous sommes très attentifs à votre pays défiguré... amitiés et courage à vous MimenS

  44. まあ、人生は続く...

  45. Hola Ruma,como siempre unas fotos con una sensibilidad especial.
    Mi dolor por las victimas del desastre y esperanza de que pronto se va arreglar todo.Espero que tu y los tuyos esteis bien.

    ¡¡¡ Sale el sol en Japon !!!

    Saludos desde Gorliz

  46. What really nice post Ruma!! Love the girls pictures! are so nice!your pictures are always special, send you special huggs and prayers! gloria

  47. Good luck, Japan ! I hope the best for your country.

  48. Great pictures Ruma.... really good work.

    I pray everyday for the people of Japan.

    Greetings, Joop

  49. ...cada día aprecio más tu caligrafia japonesa, cada día la valoro y la admiro más...y cada día rezo para que todo vuelva a la normalidad en esa tierra hermosa y para su gente admirable...un abrazo...

  50. Paso a dejarte un fuerte abrazo

  51. All the best for the japanese people.

  52. My dear Ruma, you are such a wonderfully positive person, managing to see the good in all things - you are an inspiration to all of us. May God bless you and the citizens of Japan. Our hearts continue to ache for all of you in your suffering and all the loss you have endured. I have so little to offer other than my love and prayers and you have that in great abundance.

  53. Your photos are so beautiful... that sky, the earth from up high, & those smiles are PRICELESS!!! =)

    Beautifully captured images!

    God bless Japan now & in all times of crisis... the Japanese truly are a wonderful people!!! =)

  54. Wonderful! "This irreplaceable marine blue.
     What can I change this for?
     As for the exchange, is it forgiven me?"
    I like this sentece very much.


  55. The way you respect our planet is an example.
    Those images are just perfect.
    Big hugs from Brasil


  56. Maravillosas fotos Ruma, como siempre!!!

  57. Gracias por la belleza de las imágenes de nuestro planeta azul, de los niños con sus caras de felicidad, por tu mensaje de esperanza.

    Ruma espero que estés bien y toda tu familia.


  58. This world we have to preserve for future generations. Beautiful photos.

  59. Vengo desde el blog de Maricarmen Polo.
    La catastrofe de tu País me tiene anonadada.
    Me encanta la cultura Japonesa. Desde este comentario y desde el blog de Josefa os envio todo mi cariño y pido a Dios por todo el pueblo Japonés.
    Te invito a pasar por mi casa virtual. Será un honor leer tu comentario. Besos.

  60. Ruma how are yoiu dear? Hope this weekend all will be better, send you huggs, gloria


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