Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wandering around the apricot

        I thank all of you for the kindness and encouragement.
      The people will sure revive vigorously.

      "Human power" to overcome every hardships.
      I heartily believe it.

      Opening, Rational, Composure...
      They will lead all to the reproduction.

 Fragrances lead me.
 Out of nowhere...

 Faint, and Soft.

 The snow white glistens.
 Time does not stop.

 And drift eternally.

 You hide.
 A secret flower garden.

 I drift, too.  And an end will come.

   梅が香に  のっと日の出る  山路かな 
   松尾芭蕉     (1644 – 1694)

  Scent of plum  Unexpectedly rising sun  Mountain trail
Matsuo Bashō (1644 – 1694)


  1. Como siempre maravillosas fotografías.

    Quiero mandar ánimos para el pueblo Nipón por tanto dolor y sufrimientos en los acontecimientos acaecidos.

    Un abrazo Ruma

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    I'd love to smell their fragrances...
    Hope everything is ok with you and your family.

  3. Ruma :)
    Estou feliz por você, por estar aqui e agora Neve branca brilha,não para é linda e preciosa a sua palavra .
    Eu lamento muito do fundo do meu coração ou que se passou no seu País maravilhoso.
    As imagens e realidade na tv doí o coração.
    Um grande abraço


  4. You painted the world with spring motives today !

  5. Just checking in to be sure you are okay. I'm not sure where you live...The people of Japan are in our prayers.

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  7. Beauty for the eyes, wonderful scents for the nose and delicious fruit for the mouth. I can sense all of these in your photos. Spring has arrived in all of it's splendor.

    I wish the best for your country! I hope you didn't feel the earthquake in your area!

  8. Stunning! Loved that macro the most!

  9. ...hermosas fotos como siempre, pero esta noche me preocupa como te encuentras tu...pienso en tu país, en ti y tu familia y pido para que os encontréis bien y para que pronto acabe toda esa pesadilla...un abrazo...

  10. As always you show such beauty with your words and photos. Thank you.

    Prayers and healing for your beautiful country.

  11. Ruma, Thank you for these beautiful images of your world while we still see haunting images of other parts of your country. Beauty always exists right along side that of utter destruction. Your words are hopeful . . . in that there are many hidden gardens of beauty and the pain and suffering will end. Your country men and women will "rise vigorously."

  12. Such lovely images, both close-ups and landscapes. You live in a beautiful place. Happy weekend.

  13. My friend.Ruma..tu estas bien!!!!!!
    qué alegría!!!!
    bellas fotografías como siempre...
    espero que tu pueblo se levante .
    te doy mi ánimo y mi cariño!!!
    mucha fuerza amigo...

  14. This tree is a piece of quietness. Life goes on, despite the earthquake.

  15. Pretty and delightful!

    My thoughts and prayers.
    " R e g i n a "

  16. RUMA,
    I admire your labor!
    these flowers are an inspiration to our souls ...

    I hope you and yours, are well!
    a real good hug

  17. What a great moment to find your post this morning, full of courage and beauty! You are in our thoughts!

  18. Very beautiful, Ruma ! When spring is coming, we feel better.
    I just looked for where you live. By chance not in Sendaï area. What a disaster in your country !

  19. We are reading the news from Japan today. Think of you, your relatives and friends. Hope you all are OK.

  20. Very nice blossom..... lovely pictures.

    I Wish you and ,and other people in Japan all the best.

    Greetings, Joop

  21. Ruma, I hope you are well and your family and friends also, my your country find peace and good fortune as soon as possible.

  22. flowers of hope after what happened!
    gorgeous photos Ruma!
    happy weekend,

  23. My dear Ruma, such lovely pictures of flowers while such horrible devastation has taken place in your country which I have come to love. I am concerned or two of my forensic nurse colleagues which I fear my bear in the affected area.

    I am praying for Japan, for the morale of all affected and that help will be swift in coming to aid in recovery of survivors.

  24. Beautiful photos of flowers!!

    Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and to all Japanese people out there.

  25. Incredibly beautiful...your walk through the blossoms and sun!

    Our thoughts are with You and your people.
    All our very best wishes are for you!


  26. Ruma, hello

    Deep regret is in my heart for the Japanese people.
    We are very concerned for you, but you are well and reaches.
    The pictures you are optimistic and beautiful as always!
    Thank you
    Many greetings

  27. Happy to know that you are well. My prayers for all victims of the earthquake. Your shots are beautiful and a message of hope.

    A big hug.

  28. Ruma, I thought of you when I heard of the disaster. I am happy you are fine and I wish all the best for Japanese people in these terrible days. I am so sorry for your beautiful country that had already suffered a lot in the past. Il mio abbraccio a tutti voi :) that your pictures so beautiful will help to give hope

  29. immediately thought of you, well that nothing threatens you, take care of yourself, it would be ended as soon as possible.What shows in our TV is scary. We think about you.

  30. Lovely photographs, as usual, Ruma.

    My heart goes out to the people of Japan. I am so happy to see that you are okay!

  31. Beautiful photos!
    I hope for the best for your Country!

  32. Ruma:
    Un abrazo inmenso al pueblo japonés, tu pueblo y el mío comparten el mismo dolor, tus costas están frente a las costas de Chile, los que les sucede a ustedes repercute en nosotros...Sabemos el dolo que se siente con un terremoto, lo sabemos, por eso entiendo a tu pueblo y a ti. Espero que lo de la Central de energía nuclear tenga pronta solución, sino el desastre puede ser mayor.
    Un beso y un fuerte abrazo desde Cbile.

  33. all my sympathy for the tragedy that Japanese people living in these days. a big big hug. ...

  34. I am so sorry for the dreadful events that have overtaken your country. I'm glad you personally are safe and hope you continue to be unaffected. Your pictures today are so uplifting and remind us how beautiful Japan is, and how strong the life-force in nature - that will in time bring healing and beauty again.

  35. Ruma, I'm thankful to be able to appreciate these beautiful, just beautiful photos, with peace of mind, though I'm so sad at the bottom of my heart. You and I are lucky living far away from the epicenter, while many people are suffering losses in that region. They are in my prayers and thoughts.

    Flowers have soothing effect. Thank you for sharing.

  36. Bendita primavera, Ruma. Mi calido abrazo al pueblo japonés, mi aliento y estima.

    Un abrazo,


  37. facing the terrible power of nature we are all one people, feeling sorrow for the lost and injured and full of hope (like your beautiful blossoms)for survivors, friends and families.
    best wishes from Portugal

  38. Quel tourment que ce séisme, mais tes photos sont d'un réconfort et un signe de la force de la nature !

  39. Mi apoyo, animos ,y mejores deseos para ti los tuyos y todo el pueblo nipon.Sois un pueblo fuerte y organizado.

    ¡¡¡¡¡ Animo Japon !!!

  40. Mi apoyo, animos ,y mejores deseos para ti los tuyos y todo el pueblo nipon.Sois un pueblo fuerte y organizado.

    ¡¡¡¡¡ Animo Japon !!!

  41. querido Ruma, felizmente, estás bien!

    tu pueblo está sufriendo, va mi pensamiento y mi dolor junto a todos ellos.

    un abrazo.

  42. Beatiful photos!
    I wish all the best for Your cuntry and hope that Japan could quickly recover after this disaster.

  43. Hola Ruma, me alegra saber de ti, y me tranquiliza.
    Lamento mucho lo que ha ocurrido en Japón y te dejo mis mejores deseos para vuestro pueblo tan organizado.
    Un abrazo.

  44. I love that second photo! Japan has such beautiful scenery and culture. I only lived there as a small child so I didn't get to enjoy it like I would now. My condolences on the devastation your country has faced the past few days.

  45. Ruma,
    My prayers are with you and with all people of Japan.

  46. bonjour Ruma, je suis heureuse de trouver votre page à jour; mes souhaits les meilleurs vont vers vous et votre pays. Vos photos sont toujours aussi belles et toutes ces fleurs apportent l'espoir pour un bel avenir

  47. Dulces flores con fríos vientos...

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  48. Lovely photos of Spring, that will bring some symbol of Hope after the terrible events!

  49. Unas imagenes bellisimas, estos colores son fantásticos y con unos contrastes maravillosos, un excelente trabajo Ruma, un abrazo

  50. Ruma, my family sends prayers to you and your family and country. Keep beauty in your heart and peace in your soul, and may the people of Japan find strength and resources to overcome and rebuild...Stay safe!

  51. Ruma, I am glad you are OK! I was not at home for 2 days but I saw at TV the disaster in Japan.

    Now I just came home and opened immediately my PC in order to check for my virtual frends.I started with you and a Romanian virtual friend in Hammamatsuwho is also safe.

    I am very sorry for all those suffering people in your country and wish them well.

  52. Quisiera en primer lugar mostrar mi solidaridad con su pueblo en estos duros momentos que están pasando. Han demostrado otras ocasiones la fuerza que tienen para sobreponerse a las adversidades.
    Me parecen preciosas las imágenes de los árboles en flor. La primavera casi está aquí, llega poco a poco anunciándose con flores.
    Un abrazo.

  53. Ruma san

    Os meus pensamentos e orações estão convosco.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    BB from Portugal.

  54. Hi Ruma, I'm glad you and your family are ok.

    What difficult times to come for all Japanese people and your beautiful country. I hope the powerplant cools down and will be safe again, so no other accidents will occur.
    You are in our thoughts and wish you well.
    Hugs Yolanda

  55. Beautiful photos, Ruma.
    These difficult times I just want to give great encouragement to all the Japanese people. I welcome you and your family are well.
    Best regards

  56. How fragile a hope. How wonderful a chance to take.

    Sending you all available strength, patience and good thoughts.

    daily athens

  57. I am glad that you are well have remembered you. My family resides in Ibaraki Ken, there they are nice, and we are in contact. The images that come here are tremendous.

    A strong embrace!!!

  58. I'm glad to know you are fine but I'm terribly sorry for all your people
    Your photos, as always be, are marvelous I was absent and have recently discovered your videos, beatiful
    I like black and white photograhs not only for people faces
    An embrace

  59. you said: "spending precious time with me"
    I say you: we don't spend the time in your blog we use the time
    Can you understand what I mean?

  60. Que lindo e interesantes fotos,adoro las flores, árboles y plantas,son una maravilla que Dios nos dió,admiro mucho la naturaleza,es un arte todo lo que expones,abrazos.

  61. Je m'inquiète, j'espère que tout va bien pour vous et vos proches !!! Faites nous un signe si vous pouvez. Plus que jamais je pense au Japon et à ses habitants ! Je suis de tout cœur avec vous par la pensée ! Mathilde d'Avignon en Provence France.

  62. Your photos and words are giving courage to us.

    Fortunately I live in Nara far away from the epicenter. But these disasters could have happened anywhere in Japan.

    How powerless we are in front of the Mother Nature. I pray for the people and the area, no more loss, no more sufferings, never radioactive accident.

  63. Let love and faithfulness never leave you
    my best regards for you, your family and your country

  64. I'm so sorry to see and hear what
    happens in your country and I send
    you all my thoughts !
    your flowers are so soft and so
    beautiful ! it's hard to imagine
    such a chaos !courage and hope ....

  65. Ruma, I wait and wish a prompt recovery of your Country. I sit very much the happened and ask for all the victims, his relatives and for all those that have remained without home, without his belongings. Affectionate greeting from Spain.

  66. I love the title of your blog "Calligraphy in the landscape" Great pictures!

    I wish your country a swift recovery.

    Check out my blog:

  67. Hello Ruma!!!! Are you OK????? I thought of you when I heart the news. KISSES FROM SPAIN.

  68. What a lovely blog you have, and so great pictures of the tree with flowers. I listen the news of the the catastrophe in Japan and think it's terribly sadly. I am glad you and your family are okay. My best regards from Nordis, Norway

  69. Friend,
    very beautiful image of spring ...
    So it must be the courage and willpower to overcome the pain and begin to rebuild ... I'm praying for you ...
    It forgives the errors… I used a translator…
    ♫ ♫. • º *
    ✿ Brasil
    º ✿ ♥

  70. I am glad that you are ok!
    This disaster in Japan is still on headline news here in Romania!
    Sorrow and sadness!
    Hope that your country will be reborn!
    My best regards!

  71. Dear Ruma, you have friends in Romania who are praying for you and your country. We wish you well!

  72. Dear Ruma, you send hope with this post. I pray that all the people in Japan doesn't lose hope. We all pray for you.

  73. Dear Ruma, I have only good thoughts to you and Japanese people. Courage!

  74. Very beautiful pictures! I'm happy to know that you are well.

    I wish you all the best from Romania!

  75. Wish you and all the people affected by the earthquake in Japan, all the best!

  76. Hello Ruma ,I am very happy cause your fine but I sorry for the disaster that happend in Japan.Be strong and sure we are all with you!

  77. Wonderful pictures! I like your blog a lot! Best wishes from Romania via Sweden! :)

  78. Hi Ruma....

    That's why I love the Spring...
    beautyfull captures...


  79. It a great surprise to find such beatiful photos on your blog!
    My best thoughts to you and your family!

  80. ¡Hello Ruma! Thans for your information.
    I only wish hope for all your country in so difficult situation. Your Blog is hope!

  81. Beautiful pictures, Ruma! The spring is coming and brings hopes and dreams with it. I wish you and your family all the best and courage in this difficult times. My housband and I are watching the news very often and we are thinking of you all. All the best from Romania! Cristina and Cristin

  82. 人生は続く。
    Everything must go further

  83. Ruma de belles pensées vers toi de tout coeur Brigitte


  84. · Ruma friend, I am sincerely sorry for what is happening right now in Japan. It is very hard to see that after an initial disaster comes another and another.
    I hope everything is complete and in order to start reconstruction work as soon as possible. I feel so much sorrow and pain of the victims. Today, the beauty of your images is not enough.

    · A big hug

    CR & LMA

  85. Beautiful flowers and inspiring thought.

  86. Maintenant que j'ai eu de vos nouvelles et que je sais que vous allez bien, je peux, en toute décontraction, vous dire que ces photos magnifiques sont annonciatrices de joie de vivre !
    Mes amitiés.

  87. Ruma, so happy to learn that you're OK. Hugs. ♥alaine

  88. ... excellent work, spring is everywhere ... best regards from Bucharest, Romania

  89. great images...good reportage about the disaster...the whole world is beside you and your country...good luck

  90. Thank you for these marvelous photos! Beautiful spring trees! They give us all hope that Japan will recover from this disaster. Best regards from Moscow, Russia.

  91. I follow your blog constantly and I am glad that you are ok. My thoughts are now with you and your people. I know you have the strength to rise again, stronger and more united.

  92. Ruma,
    your nice thoughts define so well the japanese spirit, kind and strong.
    My best thoughts for your and your beautiful country.
    Regards from Brasil

  93. Ruma...
    All my love and all my best thoughts for Japanese people..I'm so so sad about this tragedy..
    It's a trauma ,an incredible violence..
    The powerful of nature...
    Thanks for these hopeful flowers..
    My heart is with you..

  94. Liebe Ruma,
    unglaublich, dass Du trotz des akopalyptischen Ausmaßes in Deinem Land noch die Kraft besitzt, wundervolle Fotos auf Deinem Blog einzustellen.

    Ich wünsche Dir, Deinen Angehörigen sowie natürlich allen Menschen in Japan ganz viel Kraft, diese schwere Zeit zu überstehen.

    Meine Gedanken sind bei Euch!

  95. Beautiful pictures ! I wish hope for all your country in this difficult situation ! Best regards from Buzau-Romania !

  96. My solidarity with your people, Ruma.
    A big hug. Elsa

  97. Ruma, Ruma hope all will be best a few days, have patience is difficult I know, send you huggs

  98. Just want to send you a hug and a prayer..such beauty in contrast with so much warmnest thoughts wishes for a swift recovery.
    Regards, Regina~

  99. Beautiful pictures, horrible, heart-breaking news

  100. Ich bin in Gedanken bei Euch in Japan, es schmerzt mich das grosse Leiden aus der Ferne zu sehen und zu hören.
    Ein hoffender und herzlicher Gruss aus der Schweiz

  101. we are thinking of you and our hearts and prayers are with you.

  102. I couldn't write you earlier but I thought a lot about you and your country.
    I hope you and your family are well.
    Best thoughts.

  103. ruma

    Your Ume blossoms are really beautiful! They certainly bloom beautifully braving the frigid cold in the disaster areas in Tohoku, too. Of course, we never give up! I really hope the situation in the nuclear plants in Fukushima will get better as soon as possible. And I hope those who are missing will be found as soon as possible too.

  104. I have no words, Ruma ...
    I think of my Japanese friends with great anxiety and sadness ... my sincere hug!


  106. So glad you are okay! Each day seems to be a new terror in Japan. Sending as many positive thoughts to you all as possible.

  107. Ruma:
    Estamos con ustedes, las imágenes del horror las vemos todos los días por la televisión. Ahora el fantasma de la radioactividad aumenta el dolor, admiro el valor de los técnicos que están intentado solucionar la fuga en los reactores, sabiendo que exponen sus vidas.
    Un beso.

  108. Bellissimi fiori e colori complimenti.

  109. Ruma, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

  110. Hi I know many people who live in Japan, this has made ​​several times to think of you now that I find gives me joy to know you're right, in the great suffering that you are spending. Certainly not what we can imagine the vast magnitude. I can only wish you luck and give you encouragement, you are a strong country that will be replenished in such pain and to offer what can be done from Spain. Kisses for everyone.

  111. Ammiro la vostra forza e la vostra dignità.
    Un abbraccio una preghiera Ruma.

  112. My dear Ruma,
    I am glad that you're okay. my thoughts and deep feelings are with you and the people in your so-stricken country. There will come a light. We must not lose faith and hope never.

    A very wise man, Martin Luther, (500 years ago) said:

    and woukld the world go under tomorrow, I would plant an small apple tree

    meine Gedanke sind bei Dir,


  113. My dear Ruma we are with you, really I pray and hope this have to be better soon, send you huggs and kisses, gloria

  114. Here in Spain we are very sorry for the disaster that stroke your country. Good luck and my best wishes for you all.

  115. ruma

    The first photo of todays's update(fire) has nothing to do with the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The fire in the first photo occurred at an industrial complex in the disaster area and was put out already. I'd think it would be better for you to add a caption about it because such photo may cause misunderstanding to your readers.


  116. Ruma,
    I hope you and yours are okey.
    My thoughts goes to you and the people of Japan.
    Warm hug,

  117. Ruma,
    the Bulgarian people praying for you!
    You are strong and feisty people admire you and I am sure
    that will handle everything!
    I know tomorrow will still have smiles on their faces and blooming trees in the streets!
    Maria - Пепеляшка

  118. Ruma,
    Soon we will enter the equiosque spring, here in Portugal is not raining
    we see colors and unusual shapes in Heaven my head is always towards the sky, my feet firmly on the ground.
    Legends and myths say that all day, that archangels are meeting to fertilize
    earth and all beings.
    My wish is that they accompany you and illuminate them behind humanitarian aid, peace and love.
    Speaking of humanitarian aid, and also researched the Japanese gouverne not requested outside help. But Portugal is willing to wait and Help.Noticias I read on the Internet at the Red Cross (national and international solidarity)
    I apologize for my translation Automatica Google.


  119. Ruma send you a lot of huggs and regards! xxgloria

  120. Mis abrazos

  121. Estamos orando a Deus pelo japão.

  122. Ruma, mi más sincera condolencia por todo lo ocurrido al pueblo japonés, es una catástrofe que a todos nos conmueve.
    Mi corazón te envía un abrazo, a tí, a tu familia y a todo Japón.


  123. Ruma:
    Soy un admirador fanático de tus fotos de flores.
    Éstas son geniales.

    En estos momento dramáticos que estan pasando en tu país, quiero enviarte mi solidaridad a tí y a todo tu pueblo.

    Un abrazo

  124. I accidently found your blog. I send you all my warm thoughts in this difficult time. The people of Norway are following the news from your country every day.
    Wish you all the best.

  125. Bonjour Ruma,
    Je regardais les cerisiere du japon fleurir chauque année en Normandie, avec une pensée pour mes amis Japonais. Cette année, ma joie est mêle de larmes. Vendredi dernier, je suis allé au vernissage d'une amie peintre Japonaise. Quelques temps avant de recevoir les invités dans sa galerie de peinture, je l'ai trouvée assisse à sa petite table, l'oreille collée sur un poste de radio et pleurant doucement. Elle écoutait les nouvelles du Japon. Il y a eu beaucoup de monde au vernissage et les invités ont été très gentils avec elle. Sati Moderan-Uwada, a perdu son mari, un professeur de lettres, il y a 9 mois et toute sa famiLle est au Japon. Cette femme, presque inconnue dans le monde l'art, a peint près de 5000 toiles en 30 ans. Cela représente une très grande œuvre qu'elle ne fait que commencer à montrer tout en pleurant son pays.
    Nous allons l'aider.
    Avec toute mon amitié,Ruma



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