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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The moral education school of the Samurai

     1690, in Edo period (1603-1868) the Japanese school was born here.
    Then students are

    This gate met many bright people for several hundred years.

     The signboard can be seen "大成殿 (Taiseiden)".
    The letter was written by the fifth Tokugawa

    His name is
Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (1646-1709).

     At the same time as samurais were soldiers, they cultivated themselves.
Yushima Seidō" is Confucianism school.

    In spite of the short life, they worked hard in raising virtue.

    The trace of soldier's dream.
    Here is
Bunkyō-ku, Tokyo.

     The movie of Yushima Seidō please watch this one.


  1. What a beautiful building. I love the black walls and the green roof.

  2. Si je comprends bien , c'est une école de samurai, mais je ne sais plus c'est quoi être un samurai !!! Mais c'est bien joli et les portes sont grandes ouvertes !

  3. Emblemático y bonito lugar el que nos acerca a través de tu objetivo.
    Interesante entrada sobre los Samurais.
    Gracias, Ruma.
    Saludos cordiales.

  4. Very interesting buildings and explanation and beautiful talismán.

    A big hug

  5. Without education we are but ghosts wondering around in the dark, on the command of those helding the light...
    I believe samurai culture and Bushido are - among other similar cultures - old treasures that can guide us in finding the right way to walk for ourselves.

    Warm thoughts and thank you for the kind words you wrote me!

  6. Hello Ruma,
    I recently read in a magazine a few stories about the rich history of Japan The period in focus was the medieval era, where the samurai were from a higher caste. I was very impressed with the code of honor of these warriors, with their discipline and with their beautiful costumes!
    I greatly admire your country and great people!
    A hug from Brazil

  7. Very interesting and beautiful photos Ruma!
    In Greece many times I have seen movies with samurai. The sword is known!
    Very nice film!
    Thank you
    Many greetings

  8. ohhh I would like to have my house like your pics, maybe someday u.u ... many greetings

  9. Most interesting. Like someone else said, you can almost feel the ghosts walking around.

    I love the sweet little girl you captured in the second photograph.

    When I visited friends in Akita, they took me to see the samurai houses in Kakunodate. What a wonderful day we had there!

  10. Hello Dear Ruma,

    Very nice photo's and video, and above all it's a fine historic lesson.
    In this post you combined three nice things (photo, video, and story) together and made them very nice to watch.


  11. got to see this.

    i've always been fascinated by Samurai.

    betty xx

  12. As the school of Confucianism, this structure seems to have Chinese flavor and style. Confucianism remains and survives in our mentality. Very interesting post and shots! Ruma,thank you for sharing.

  13. I like the charms, especially when they have so much love, but as you see me come to the school of samurai to help me shape the great Atman.
    Thank you very much for sharing so much beauty in your country.

    Greatings, Beatriz (Barcelona, Spain)

  14. Los edificios son muy bellos la expresión de una gran tradición. Los samurais para nosotros, muy lejos, son guerreros con una visión y comportamiento en la vida. Supongo que es mucho más profundo.
    Siento admiración por los pueblos que conservan sus tradiciones con orgullo.
    Un abrazo.

  15. Simplesmente lindo esse lugar, eu sou fascinada pelos costumes do Japão, o fato das pessoas serem tão disciplinados e dedicados com seus afazeres. Eu treino algumas artes marciais, somente para aprender me defender e percebo a importancia dos passos, das manobras, do tempo, da respiração, essas coisas. O filme que gosto muito de ver e não consigo enjoar é o "Último Samurai", você já assistiu? lá mostra tudo que acabei de falar, muito bom... Que lugar fantástico e suas memórias. Parabéns por passar essas histórias sobre os costumes do Japão para nós. Estou aguardando anciosamente novas fotos.

    Abraços querido.


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