Saturday, June 6, 2020

" FIND/47 Japan's hidden visual delights "

The lovely Japanese photographers and their projects have been quietly waiting to be discovered.
Now is the time.  Click the quote mark below, here you go.

This photo was taken by " Koichi_Hayakawa ".
The title of the photo is " Mt. Fuji seen from Mt.Takabocchyama Nagano " .
Koichi_Hayakawa is a member of the project " FIND/47 ".

You can see many views of Japan here.
And, the place where the photo was taken can be confirmed.
If necessary, the photos will be downloaded for free.

The following self-introduction will help your understanding of this project.
Why not explore Japan, which is not known yet?

I wish you good luck.

************** Quote **************

Japan is home to 47 prefectures offering 47 distinct experiences shaped by the natural scenery, historical architecture, and local traditions unique to each region.

Even after a dozen visits, there will still be more that you have yet to see.
FIND/47 offers a dynamic visual platform for discovering aspects of Japan you didn't even know you were looking for.

 FIND/47 is a photo-sharing community designed to promote stunning scenes from Japan's most overlooked localities.

           Free to use, free to distribute

 Looking for an image to use?
We encourage you to use FIND/47 to find pictures that highlight the beauty of Japan, and to spread these images around the world.


FIND/47 is a photo-sharing community designed to promote stunning scenes from Japan's most overlooked localities.
The dynamic photographs archived on this website showcase off-the-beaten-track scenes of nature, historical buildings, regional festivals and customs, and other local subjects from across Japan.
Such subjects have been captured for years--both by professionals, as well as casual photographers who often discover gems in their own backyards that more seasoned lensmen may overlook--
but there has never been an organized framework for distributing these pictures.
FIND/47 is a community in which anyone may reuse the photographs published on the site.
By inviting the public to browse our archives and find surprising and unexpected moments of beauty that they can then publish in media worldwide, we hope to encourage people of all nationalities to travel to Japan and explore even those parts of the country that rarely appear in tourist guides.

************** Quote **************

Thank you for your visit, always.  
I am grateful for your support.

I love you.
sincerely yours.
From Japan.

Gracias por tu visita, siempre. 
Estoy agradecido por su apoyo.

te quiero.
sinceramente tuyo.
De Japon.

************** Postscript **************

Hello everyone visited.
Thank you for visiting "FIND/47".

Only selected photos are uploaded, so just looking at it is fun.
And it's free to download.
I'm a photo lover and I don't need to download it, 
but I love the "concept" of such a "Good but Free" site.

The WEB has evolved because it is “free”, 
and I hope that it will continue to exist in the future.
The good things survive by being "free", and the bad things are culled by being "free".

Today's society is like, "Oh, this way. That's no good, this is no good."
In a storm of self-restraint, "justice" and "loudness" pass through the center of the road. We are suffocating.

Even on WEB photo sites, when I see a site that has a signature or watermark on the photo, or has a detailed cautionary note about copyright, I immediately close it.
If it's such a photo, there are many more "FIND/47" and "free and wonderful photos"! I will think.

I respect copyright.
But if they claim it, they should be formally published as a work.
In the Free and No charge WEB world, they shouldn't claim it.

I sincerely pray for the perpetuity and development of all my friends and
their sites.




  1. Gracias por mostrarnos esa gran iniciativa de ese estupendo fotógrafo. Las fotos son a cada cual mejor y los lugares de ensueño.
    Un abrazo amigo

  2. You have already been discovered ruma. Your photography is lovely.

  3. Mt. Fuji seems to be Japan's main attraction. No wonder, as it's a beauty, regardless of where it is seen from.

  4. I love Yamanaschi et Fujiyama.

  5. ご紹介有難うございます。

  6. Preciosa panorámica, Ruma. Un abrazo.

  7. Preciosa fotografía y un reportaje interesante para dar a conocer rincones bellos de Japón.
    Un abrazo, amigo Ruma.

  8. Preciosas fotografías, me gustan todas. Besitos.

  9. Buenas fotografías las del fotógrafo que nos recomiendas.
    Un saludo,

  10. Una imagen preciosa con el icono por excelencia de Japón el monte Fuji.


  11. Fotografia maravilhosa!
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  12. Maravilha de post.
    Lindo video.
    Boa semana.

  13. Que belleza de sitio y que foto tan bonita. Un saludo.

  14. Maravilloso paisaje con el Fuji al fondo.
    Un abrazo.

  15. FIND/47は素晴らしいプロジェクトですね。書いておられるように、訪れたことのあるところでもまだまだ知らない日本の美があります。ご紹介ありがとうございます。

  16. 訪問してくださった皆様、こんにちわ。 
    " FIND/47 " ご覧頂きありがとうございました。



    何でもかんでも自粛の嵐のなか、" 正論 "と" 大声 " が堂堂とまかりとおる、ギシギシと息が詰まる世の中です。

    そんな写真だったら、他に" FIND/47 " や" 自由で素晴らしい写真 " なんていくらでもある! と思ってしまいます。


  17. 因みに、私は「著作権」を尊重しています。




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