Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another world in the other side of the gate

This gate "Karamon" built in 1599 is a national treasure.

One more gate, the world that can meet Buddha spreads out.

This Five Storeyed Pagoda is built in 951,

It is a temple having the very large precincts more than 6,600,000 square meters in the Kyoto Fushimi-ku Mt. Daigo spreading east.
It developed as hallowed ground of many mountaineering ascetics.
The portrait of "Kūkai" exists is oldest.

It is difficult even to imagine the front now more than 1000 years.
"Immemorial Time"


  1. That is another world to me, even without the gates. The fourth one was so mesmerizing with that green alley framed by the red painted wood. Inviting view.

  2. Beijing china right?amazing that Big red gates.

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