Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Tanada"(rice terraces) after harvest

   The gain of Tanada is over early from the field of the level ground.
   It is located in Fukujima-cho, Nagasaki, the Japanese west edge here.

   We can see small islands over there.
   We can see the rice field where water is filled with in the evening.

   Furthermore, the several hundred kms west direction is Shanghai,
   that is near than go to Tokyo.

   It is a depopulated town, however, having abundant Nature.


  1. simply loving the greenery! nice shots!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. Such a beautiful view! I love rice.

  3. Hello, SJ. Nice to meet you. As for me, you like Tanada and are glad. Is there Tanada in Malaysia? ruma

  4. Hello, JAMES. Always thank you for comment of the encouragement. In addition I have you like Tanada and am glad. There is Tanada in the remote place, and a builder gradually disappears. If ten years more pass, it may come to be more valuable. It is the thing which is important because it is a traditional inheritance. ruma

  5. So beautiful! These are scene from Japan that we don't often see. What absolutely gorgeous rice fields! Thank you.

  6. Hello, Jacob. I am glad that you like scenery from Tanada are valuable, and . This view should be left forever in a depopulated town in the border.ruma

  7. Wonderful I like all those cities.So refreshing.

    Laby[pimp suit]

  8. Beautiful place. Nice graphical shapes of fields. I like the big greetings! /Peter


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