Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Sumō" practice doing in a spectators presence.

All sumō wrestlers must practice attracting it in front of a spectator with a boss just before a regular sumō tournament.

The position is the lowest them begins with about 04:00 a.m, and a "Yokozuna"and an "Ōzeki" practice last at about 10:00 a.m.

This is called "Keiko-Sōken" meaning "watch an exercise with all the members".
The greatest boss teaches it in the immediate left of the sumo ring.
There are the other bosses around.
It is shame to have weak pupil for a boss.

The sumō wrestler won appoints the next partner till he lose and can practice.
If they lost, they must step forward immediately so that it is appointed.
If they cannot do so that to not positive , cannot practice forever.
A yokozuna and the ōzeki attach a white "mawashi", and the other are black.

At the time of exercise of a yokozuna and the ōzeki, the other must watch it outside a sumō ring until the end.

It is Takanohana II to attach a white mawashi.
It very felt honored that could practice with him for sumo wrestlers.
There is not his dignified sumo wrestler after him at all.

A yokozuna and the ōzeki can wipe sweat.
Only the yokozuna can have an assistant wipe sweat.
Because they clash many times, the whole body is muddy,and most bleed.

The practice is much more severe than the match.
The sumo is the world of a very strict "The man".

When an exercise is over, the popular sumō wrestler sees off a spectator while shaking hands.

Even if "Yokozuna-Akebono (a suit figure)" retire himself, it was popular very much.
He was very very gentle,tender-hearted "The man".

"Daidozan Peforming the Ring Entering Ceremony" Tōshūsai Sharaku (東洲斎写楽 1794 - 1795)
It is tradition, and sumo is art.

Please have a good weekend all of you.


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