Friday, September 25, 2009

Imari "Nabeshima" ware - A colored plate

   Nabeshima ware is high quality porcelain produced by the kiln of the feudal clan direct management in Saga (Nabeshima ) from the 17th century to the 19th century.

   It points at a product baked by the kiln of the feudal clan direct management and merely says "Nabeshima".

   The high-quality articles such as business product or the present to a family to inherit the shogunate / the many daimyos of the feudal lord by the kiln of the feudal clan direct management that Ookawa Uchiyama (the Imari-shi, Saga southern part)had wholly.

   It is call this "Nabeshima ware" after modern times, and it is distinguished from "Imari ceramic ware" (Arita ware making)

   A way of "Ookawa Uchiyama"among the mountains which are steep in the circumference.
   I like scenery and the ceramic ware of this very local place.

   Nabeshima ware pottery - 畑萬(hataman)
   The my plate of the first photograph was made with this kiln.
   It is a kiln forming a very delicate work.

   "Nabeshima oninwa yaki" which is seen in the lower right.
   This is an exclusive kiln to give to a feudal lord,
and the technology is "transmission from father to son".


  1. I love Japanese art!
    That is awesome!. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you also for your lovely comments. Means a lot.

  2. I love that Japanese plate thanks for sharing.

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