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Monday, January 25, 2010

The legendary Old-District

These houses say a gasshō-zukuri (joining hands structure).
It resembles manual form when a man joined his hands.
The structure is this local characteristic, and the roof where snow is easy to fall.
Of course people still live in there.

Nobles and concerned people made this village about 800 years ago. It is the legend that they lose to
fight (1180–1185), and sheltered here.

Here is registered with
the world heritage.

When this area was made first, a certain times began.
You know it well, too.

It takes several hours from the town nearby to here, and surrounded the circumference in the high mountains.
Snow shut in people in old days.

You can watch the four seasons of this village. It may surprise you a little.
The perspective of it,
first one and second. Please look at them.

It will be the one of the places that are the most inconvenient in this small country.
And it may be a good place of the scenery most.

The ancestral one of them is called "Heike".
They were defeated by Yoritomo Minamoto of "
Heian period was over at the time, and the Kamakura period began.

Yoritomo Minamoto is the first Shōgun. It is the leader of the samurai.
Yes. When this village was born, the
Samurai's area whom you knew was born, too.

Here is
Shirakawa-gō ("White River Old-District"), Gifu Prefecture.


  1. very interesting stories and beautiful photos!

  2. Thank you for this much needed escape into a place which seems to be more dream than reality.
    Thank you very much. A wonderful start into the new week for you.

  3. Muy interesante la historia de este distrito y muy bellas las fotografías.
    El paisaje es muy bonito en todas las estaciones del año. Muy interesante la construcción de los tejados. Muchas gracias por compartir, Ruma.

    Un abrazo,

  4. Beautiful!
    My husband would be jealous of the snow - we have had none! But he is crazy. And we had 4 feet of it last year, so I'm fine with none so far! :)

  5. Que bonitos paisajes... la nieve lo llena todo de belleza....el reflejo de la segunda foto es de una belleza magnifica.


  6. Shirakawa... This city has a partnership with the one I'm living in in France. Unfortunately I've never been there.

  7. Oh, this truly is a dreamscape. You made my Sunday beautiful. Thank you!

  8. First, the old district image and the history is very interesting! Also, the reflection image is wonderful!!!

  9. Ruma this is a delightful post, historical and beautiful.

  10. Hermosas imágenes, Ruma, los pintorescos edificios, la historia de estos lugares y su esplendor en cada estación.


  11. Very beautiful pictures Ruma. The history is very interesting. Thank you,

  12. This is such a beautiful place, Ruma...I have a fantasy of living somewhere like this with all my very best friends. That would be wonderful!

  13. Well, that is someone like you, and photographs ... Marcin

  14. Great post! ..pleased to read an interesting story and impressed by beautiful photographs - thank you .. :)

  15. Magnificas fotos. A neve me encanta. Abraços.

  16. What an amazing place Ruma!Your posts make me feel like visiting your country one day! Thanks for showing such beautiful places!

  17. Oh my goodness, what amazing photos! I looked at the seasonal shots, too, & I love the spring photos the most w/ all those pink flowering trees! Great post, Ruma!

  18. Breathtaking nature. Winter photos always look so good, but I don't like the long cold and snowy winters -_-

  19. Simply beautiful! Wonderful pictures!

  20. Quelles belles photos Ruma, et comme ce petit village semble en toute quiétude avec la nature !

  21. Hi Ruma !
    I've been there long ago, in...1982 !
    (I was very young at this time ! LOL)
    But it was in Summer.

  22. Muy interesante! Las casas tienen una encantadora fachada, y seguramente son muy cálidas y confortables para el invierno.
    El paisaje de los montes nevados reflejados en el agua, es espectacular!

  23. Bonito, bonito, bonito. Gracias por mostrarnos estas bellezas. Saludos

  24. Wow..these are rich as the color of the houses..beautiful, the bridge (looks so nippy)..I love the snow and all those trees. The mountain reflections in the next one are gorgeous..just delightful! I really enjoyed your historical post here Ruma! Thank you-

  25. to keep something of the past close by and cheriched is the only way to grow into the future

  26. Que hermosura de paisajes y de historias.

  27. Shirakawa-go is a very pretty place in four seasons.
    Houses Gassho-zukuri look like our mountain wooden houses.
    May be less joining hands structured.
    Great post, Ruma!

  28. très belles images, merci pour ce merveilleux voyage !


  29. Very nice landscapes.


    CR ____________________________________

  30. Thank you for wonderful stories, we travel with our imagination, guided by your words and photos! Makes me all the time wishing to pack and go travel:)

  31. Such beautiful pictures and amazing history. Thanks for sharing both. Every weekend at my Newtown blog we share pictures with reflections. Your bottom photo is perfect for Weekend Reflections.

  32. The pictures are all fabulous...

    And if it weren't for the window style in the first pic (gasshō-zukuri styled house) one might guess tose houses where located in south germany. :)

  33. Hoje vim aqui agradecer pelas lindas palavras e carinho comigo nos teus comentários.
    Obrigado do fundo do meu coração.

    " Depois de algum tempo você aprende que verdadeiras amizades continuam a crescer mesmo a longas distâncias, e o que importa não é o que você tem na vida,mas quem você tem na vida."
    - W. Shakespeare

    Abraços com todo meu carinho

  34. Beautiful houses (like houses for little goblins of mountains!) and very interesting story.

    Have a good day and thanks for your visits.

  35. Bonsoir
    C'est magnifiques ces maisons cette neige ce blanc
    J'adore. Ici il neige encore mais c'est assez incroyable je suis pourtant au Sud mais enfin
    Bonne soirée

  36. the ancient homes are wonderful to see!
    The landscape photo is of beauty, indeed!

  37. Those houses are wonderful. They look so cozy and inviting. Beautiful mountains, too.

  38. Ruma, your pictures are always such a pleasure to look at and your posts are a joy to read.

    Thank you so much for your very sweet comments. They made me smile. You are too kind.

    Have a wonderful day.


  39. I really love the last picture down the bottom, the reflection in the water, that's wonderful.

  40. Wow such a gorgeous reflections and winter scenes!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy weekend.

  41. Wonderful post and photos, I love style of the houses. The scenery is gorgeous too, fantastic reflection.

  42. These are beautiful photos, and what a wonderful history. I looked at the links, it's amazing how different the scenery looks in the spring. Wonderful post. Kathy

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  46. Very beautiful landscapes.
    Thank you therefor.

  47. Cold place but still very beautiful.

    Laby[zoot suits]


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