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The way of the Middle Ages, Nakasendō

This way prospered as a main street until about 100 years ago.
It is a way called
Nakasendō which links Osaka to Edo.
There were
69 post towns (Shukuba) on the way.

Because post towns (
Magome, Fukushima, etc) are famous as a tourist attraction, there may be the person knowing.

Most of the people of the Edo period did not have freedom of the movement.
Samurai or Merchant came and went on this way.

The most people were farmers.

Most of the neighboring houses are left as those days.
They are inns and stores.  The part of those is still used.
It is surrounded both sides on the high mountain.

Now, the person going is few desolate way.

The trace of the
Here is
Tsumago, Nagano Prefecture.


  1. Wow, those houses look very special. I'd love to be there some 100 years ago. Marvellous!

  2. This is very interesting information, Ruma. I am enjoying the lesson. It is nice to see that these buildings are being preserved.

  3. Como siempre, geniales todas las fotos...

    Saludos y un abrazo enorme.

  4. This does look intriguing! (a Japanese version of a ghost town so to speak) The past, muffled in the winding streets and old buildings have some secrets. There is a tale to be told for those who would give a listening ear huh!? Thank you Ruma and my blessings to you for a wonderful weekend,

  5. Hola RUMA.
    Muy interesante e instructivo este relato informativo, sobre la historia de hace mas de 100 años y como, Nakuendo une Osaka a EDO así como ese relato de la era EDO.
    ¿Es cierto que Samurai es igual a comerciante?
    Gracias RUMA.
    Un SALUDO, desde Occidente.

    RUMA Hello.
    Very interesting and instructive to this account information on the history of over 100 years ago and since, Osaka Nakuendo une EDO and that story from the Edo period.
    Is it true that Samurai is equal to merchant?
    Thanks RUMA.
    A health from the West.


  6. I love that street. I wish I could visit.

  7. Bonito reportaje. Tomas muy buenas y bien ilustradas. Saludos.

  8. Those old streets have such character--such an interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Que rincones mas bonitos nos muestras hoy, todo de madera.


  10. absolutely magical, these old houses, what a beautiful place. You can feel the breath of the past, and yet this style is something very timeless and forever valid. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Beautiful houses... This wood has to be very strong...

    Thank you to carry us in this place.

  12. Parece un misterioso pueblo perdido en el tiempo, me encantó. Muy lindas fotos y excelentes comentarios, como siempre.
    Un abrazo.

  13. is it Nagano ?
    it's beautiful, if I could, I would go visit.

  14. «Louis» has added a link to your blog; lower right sidebar at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  15. This is very nice, Ruma. In a way, it reminds me of Kakunodate in Akita which my friends from the university where I lectured took me for a wonderful day. We also went to Lake Tazawa and, of course, in Akita, we drank wonderful sake.

    By the way, Ruma, did you see my post on my blog, I gave you the award as well and you are supposed to answer some questions. I do understand if you do not wish to do so, however. Check it out!

  16. I liked the stroll around that place a lot. It was a pure Kurosawa movie to me, a distant land far away in time, mind and travel.

  17. Place full of magic! I wish I could visity it one day.
    Thank you for showing!

  18. Very charming streets. I wish I can have a walk there.

  19. Malgré la froidure si évidente , on ressent l'intimité , la chaleur humaine .

  20. This is a charming street. What also strikes me is how clean everything is! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  21. It's very interesting to see the older buildings. A brief view history.

  22. Precioso lugar, me encantan los sitios que apenas han cambiado, es como sumergirse en el pasado.

  23. I love these images..wonderful series..thank you! How amazing it is to walk through these towns/villages that still stand! Wonderfully captured also;)

  24. A wonderful and magic atmoshpere in this old street! Thank you for this virtual historical visit! Greetings from Germany, Luzia.

  25. Viendo las imágenes parece que uno se traslada A OTROS tiempos.

    Como ya es habitual, Ruma, nos compartes explicaciones interesantes y hermosas imágenes.

    Un abrazo

  26. Muy bellas las fotografías, y saber su significado me ha encantado.
    Preciosas tomas, un abrazo para ti.

  27. Peut-on être plus près les uns des autres ! magnifique image comme d'habitude !

  28. Há um tempo em que é preciso
    abandonar as roupas usadas,
    que já têm a forma do nosso corpo,
    e esquecer os nossos caminhos,
    que nos levam sempre aos mesmos lugares.
    É o tempo da travessia:
    e, se não ousarmos fazê-la,
    teremos ficado, para sempre,
    à margem de nós mesmos

    Fernando Pessoa

    Te desejo um lindo domingo com muito amor e carinho

  29. BOnjour cet endroit est si sympa et la fraicheur est là
    Bon dimanche

  30. Merci de m'offrir un peu de mon rêve, Ruma :
    découvrir le Japon médiéval.

  31. really looks old ... amazingly clean and calm.
    you can write mystical stories on this road :)

  32. Un camino histórico, que conserva la pátina de la tradición. Preciosas fotos, Ruma, de unos edificios ennoblecidos por el paso del tiempo.


  33. we are not passengers on a spaceship. we come way back through generations and generations of men an be able to preserve their memory is to allow us to be part of a long chain of human living.
    thanks for sharing your history

  34. Beautiful and fantastic shots !! This is a great post !!

  35. j'ai lu j'ai aimé
    i like it
    coldoutside but hot in heart

  36. Hi, Ruma. Congratulations for this beautiful weblog. It's really inspiring. Take Care!

  37. Impressive ! Knowing something about far east ? For sure from blogs like yours. I kindly invite you to visit for a special experience. All pictures inside are taken with mobile phones.

  38. Gracias por compartir esto Ruma. es lindo lo que haces, lo que nos muestras es lindo

  39. I have been in exactly the same village. It was a very nice walking from the one post village to the next one.


  40. Vos photos sont absolument superbes!!
    Un grand merci pour ce joli partage. J'aime tellement votre pays...Je pense beaucoup à vous...


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