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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shangri-La in Fukushima

 Here is Mt. Hanami park.
 It is Fukushima-shi, Fukushima Prefecture.

 Fukushima Prefecture has many noted places of the cherry tree.
 There is one of the grandest cherry trees in Japan.

 Japanese three major giants of cherry trees These three of them are registered as the first natural monument of the country on October 12, 1922.  

yamataka jinndai "God days" zakura  (Age over 2000 years old)   
Yamanashi Prefecture  Height of the tree 13.6m, trunk lap 10.6m.  A giant tree of the maximum grade oldest in Japan.  

neodani awasumi "light sumi" zakura  (Age over 1500 years old)   
Gifu Prefecture  Height of the tree 17.2m, trunk lap 9.1m, the spread are East-West 24m, north and south 21m  

miharu taki "Cascade" zakura  (Age over 1000 years old)   
Fukushima Prefecture  Height of the tree 19m, trunk lap 9.5m, spread east and west 22m, north and south 17m