Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming soon, snow white pieces Ⅱ

The cherry blossoms bloom basically from the last week of March to the beginning week of April.
It is about 1 week from flowering to falling.

The opening changes by the climate of the year.

Southland blooms a little earlier from the middle of March. North has a place to bloom until the beginning of May.
This is a map of cherry blossoms.

It is only several days in the chance of the photograph.

Short flowering periods think me to be the cause why cherry blossoms are loved.
The human being is born and must do pass away immediately.
The people of my country may superimpose it on one's fate.
It is also the spirit of Zen, "
void (Kū)".

This "one" week is covered in the Far East most happily in year.
We are waiting for the day with you all.

世の中に絶えて桜のなかりせば 春の心はのどけからまし
在原業平 (Ariwara no Narihira), 古今和歌集 (Kokin Wakashū)
If there are not cherry blossoms at all in the world, the heart of the spring will be quiet leisurely.
(The feeling that cherry blossoms are impatient for is expressed ironically.)

Japanese three major giants of cherry trees
These three of them are registered as the first natural monument of the country on October 12, 1922.

yamataka jinndai "God days" zakura
 (Age over 2000 years old)
Yamanashi Prefecture
 Height of the tree 13.6m, trunk lap 10.6m.
 A giant tree of the maximum grade oldest in Japan.

neodani awasumi "light sumi" zakura
 (Age over 1500 years old)
Gifu Prefecture
 Height of the tree 17.2m, trunk lap 9.1m, the spread are East-West 24m, north and south 21m

miharu taki "waterfall" zakura
 (Age over 1000 years old)
Fukushima Prefecture
 Height of the tree 19m, trunk lap 9.5m, spread east and west 22m, north and south 17m


  1. Great post Ruma! Beautiful pictures and detailed information. Nourishment for the eyes and the mind.

  2. These images are so beautiful!!Makes me wish I could run my hand lightly through the flowers.Wonderful post Ruma!

  3. The Cherry Blossom are so pretty. This year I should try to see them in Wash, DC at the Cherry Bloosom festival.

  4. Hi Ruma! Cherry trees are unprecedentedly beautiful, and you show it well with your photographs. In my hometown of Khabarovsk (Russian Far East), there are several of them growing in front of the State Medical College. They've been there for a long time. All the residents admire their spring blooms and call the plants Japanese Cherry trees. Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!

  5. I wanted people all over the world to respect trees as much our Japanese brothers do.

  6. ¡¡¡¡¡Heeeeee, RUMA, una pregunta, ¿Qué estación es en estos momentos por Oriente, primavera tal vez? Y la otra, ¿es ahora el momento en que el cerezo florece por ay?
    Un saludo RUMA y FELIZ AÑO 2010.

    ¡¡¡¡¡ Heeeeee、ルーマ、質問は、"どの駅の東に存在するのは、たぶん春?そして、他の現在の時間ですが災いして、桜の花?

  7. Que preciosidad de flores.son preciosas y las fotografiastes muy bien.


  8. Qué belleza. Las flores del cerezo engalanan regiamente los campos. Y aquí, en mi tierra, como preludio de la primavera, florecerán los almendros, y los campos se vestirán de blanco, como vestidos de novia.

    Un abrazo, Ruma.

  9. Dear Ruma,
    Thank you for all time spent on my blog.
    And thank you too for your friendly comments about my pictures and my sensibility.
    Finally, thank you for your friendly words on my grandson.

    Like you, I'm happy to have crossed your path this year, to have founded your beautiful country through your eyes, your marvellous landscapes and your east poetry.

    Thanks for all and happy end of 2009.

  10. They are fabulous!Here they are in bloom at the beginning of May - long time to wait!
    Have a great day:)

  11. Magnifique ces cerisiers !

  12. Bonjour, merci encore pour le commentaire. Je ne parle pas japonais. Nihongo ga wakarimasen. Anata no "message" no arigato.
    A l'année prochaine

  13. ___________________ *Paz*
    ______*Fé_Bondad_Paciência_Ventura _Fuerza*
    _*Son mis deseos Felíz Navidad y Año Nuevo 2010

  14. Nunca había visto tan bella de almendras

  15. Para você,
    Desejo o sonho realizado.
    O amor esperado.
    A esperança renovada.
    Para você,
    Desejo todas as cores desta vida.
    Todas as alegrias que puder sorrir.
    Todas as músicas que puder emocionar.

    Para você neste novo ano,
    Desejo que os amigos sejam mais cúmplices,
    Que sua família esteja mais unida,
    Que sua vida seja mais bem vivida.
    Gostaria de lhe desejar tantas coisas...
    Mas nada seria suficiente...

    Então, desejo apenas que você tenha muitos desejos.
    Desejos grandes...
    e que eles possam te mover a cada minuto,
    ao rumo da sua FELICIDADE!!!

    Abraços com todo meu carinho
    FELIZ 2010

  16. Ruma


    I was amazed when I learned that your country old trees, 100 and 1500 years .. Can this .. Congratulations to you and your country you have a picturesque nature


  17. JUste un petit bonjour tu vas bien!
    Je vais prendre un café a +++++++++++++++++++

  18. It is lovely to come here to view these wonderful blooms!! I miss them..but let's me forget about this cold we are in;) Happy new years!!

  19. Ah ! j'aime beaucoup le sapin de Noêl en commentaire.
    Merci pour ton dernier Ruma.
    Que c'est beau des fleurs de cerisiers. IL va me falloir encore attendre quelques mois avant de voir le mien ainsi.

  20. The cherry blossoms are the most wonderful thing out there. At least in photographs.

    Your finnish is really good. I admire your courage to do it.

  21. Que preciosos los almendros...

    Saludos y un abrazo enorme.

    Feliz entrada de año

  22. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

  23. Beautiful. I am so looking forward to seeing the spring blossoms again. This winter feels too long and too cold already! Happy New Year 2010 Ruma!

  24. «Louis» wishes you a happy New Year, Ruma!

  25. in the south of Portugal, almond tree groves blossom in February. a legend says it was a king that have them planted for his queen, a nordic princess, to evoque her sadly missed homeland snowy landscapes in the winter.

  26. Ruma2008: Que hermosos arboles en flor! tu pais es muy hermoso!

  27. 2010 NENGA, Dear Ruma, and thanks for Your kind messages.
    In Japan the New Year will arrive 8 hours before Italy and 14 hours before New York City. Just because of it, NIHON (THE RISING SUN) is the most modern Country in the world.

  28. Such old and big trees!!
    Like our olive trees in the Holy Land.

  29. Harusame no ko shita ni tsutau shizuku kana.

    ¡Ah, la lluvia de primavera!
    Las gotas de agua recorren
    los árboles hasta abajo.


    El amor por el cerezo veo que es universal, pero para vosotros que vivís en comunión con la naturaleza por siglos, lo sentís mucho más que nosotros.

    Hay una terapia con flores, llamada Flores de Bach, y el cerezo silvestre forma parte de estas 38 flores que curan los estados emocionales negativos :)

    Fluir, fluir en el Tao, en pura armonía con él...
    Desde ese fluir ¡Feliz Año 2010! :)

    Un abrazo desde Asturias y de una asturiana que se comunica desde el espíritu con oriente, el lejano oriente... ¡Gracias!

  30. Preciosas todas y cada una de las fotos de las flores de los cerezos.

    Te deseo un Feliz Año 2.010 y que siguamos compartiendo estos buenos momentos.

    Un abrazo.

  31. Happy New Year! Fabulous post!! A visual treat-I'm running out but will be back to check on the links-

  32. Beautifaul shots!
    Happy New Year!

  33. Beautiful blossoms for the end of the year.

    I've enjoyed following your blog this year.

    Happy New Year to you, and I look forward to your future posts.

  34. under my window
    this morning, a thousand eyes
    in the cherry tree.
    —Nicolae Stefanescu

    Thank you for these beautiful photos of cherry blossoms.

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