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Friday, December 4, 2009

Season of the mellowness in the Far East Ⅱ

   These colored leaves are the entirely same as it to watch in a temple of Kyoto.

   The ancient noble and priest looked at this same color, too.
   And they created literature and pictures, etc.

   The painters like Sesshū Tōyō drew the Ink and wash painting and the Yamato-e (Japanese traditional painting).

   As transcended a lot of times, these colors have charmed people.


  1. Ancient nobles and painters may have created art inspired by these fine colors and forms, as you do now with your keen eye and depth of mind heart. Lovely mellowness. Carol

  2. Just splendid..this, out of the depth (as Carol said) is an inspiration. Powerful colors..maybe some of the most brilliant I've seen this season!

  3. Just beautifull, wonderfull photos.

  4. These colours and forms have a transcending quality all right.

  5. Powerfull colours, they are like fire trees.


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