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Monday, December 7, 2009

" Tokonoma " Japanese lifestyle

    Tokonoma, also referred to simply as toko, is a Japanese term generally referring to a built-in recessed space in a Japanese style reception room, in which items for artistic appreciation are displayed. In English, tokonoma is usually called alcove.

   One big pillar takes tokonoma. This is called daikoku-bashira. It is a meaning called a pillar supporting a house.

    The items usually displayed in a tokonoma are calligraphic and/or pictorial scrolls and an arrangement of flowers.

   It costs expense to make a show window, a big pillar. Therefore there become few houses having tokonoma.


  1. Artistic appreciation displays are an excellent idea and to be honest that made me to desire something similar! When I have more space (after kids are gone after 15 years :-)) I will have some kind of tokonoma!

  2. I understand it costs a lot but it's very beautiful. Shadows theater all days long with the sun...

  3. Muchas curiosidades guarda vuestra cultura...muy bonito.


  4. Wow..thanks for sharing this insight with the wonderful photos- I will try to keep it in mind. Very classy looking!

  5. I didn't know what you called it but I do remember pillars in homes and alcoves too.

  6. I a very nice job of the artist
    Is that tokonoma made of glass? I beg your pardon I thought it was papper

  7. Encantadoras fotos las tuyas.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  8. It looks very pleasant and nice

  9. I like the CHinese tradition especially their interior design.

    Laby[White Suit]


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