Friday, December 4, 2009

Season of the mellowness in the Far East Ⅰ

In the haiku and the waka, the colored leaves are often symbols of the mountains.

   「色付くや   豆腐に落ちて  薄紅葉」   松尾芭蕉 (haiku)

   iro zuku ya toufu ni ochite usu momiji Matsuo Bashō

  "Decline in tofu as soon as turn red and yellow, and lightly turn it red"

   「このたびは  幣(ぬさ)も取りあへず手向山 紅葉(もみじ)の錦 神のまにまに」 (waka)

   konotabi ha  
nusa mo toriahezu tamuke yama   momidi no nishiki  kami no mani mani

   菅原 道真(すがわらのみちざね) 古今集
   Sugawara no Michizane  Kokin Wakashū

   "This trip was not able to prepare "
nusa" to give to a travelers' guardian deity in a sudden thing.
   Because I give the autumn colors of this mountain, I resemble it as a heart God, and please receive it."


  1. The colour of those leafs are really beautifull..

  2. Thanks for your kind message Ruma! It was a big surprise. :)

  3. Preciosos colores. Muy bonitas las tomas. Saludos.

  4. Amazing colors of the leaves. Beautiful!

  5. Ruma, your photos hooked me as usually.
    Keep up!
    have a great time

  6. Ruma you capture the beauty of Autumn like no other. Beautiful. Thank you! Carol

  7. Are these photos of Japanese Maples? They are sooo gorgeous & I'd love to have at least one in my yard, but they're soooo expensive here that I just can't afford them. Your photos are wonderful

  8. Greetings, Ruma, your gift, as always, is precious to me. Arigato from San Francisco!

  9. Thanks for following my blog! You have some truly beautiful photos here and throughout your blog. I will have to look through the rest of them when I have a chance!

  10. I'm reluctant to say A hui hou (goodby) to Autumn and your photos are why! I agree..they must resemble the heart of God.. what a beautiful thought-

  11. Estos arboles tan desconocidos para nosotros...tienen un color precioso.


  12. Querido Ruma, esos rojos y amarillos son fantásticos, no es común encontrarlos en Argentina. Muy bellos árboles, son realmente el "corazón de Dios"
    Un beso.

  13. oh my thanks for stopping by my blog....i have found such inspiring thoughts and beauty here. i will be back.

  14. very brilliant colours, very beautiful.

  15. ruma...

    que hermosos matices!! oro y sangre de la tierra... como dices... el corazón de Dios!!!

    precioso! gracias amigo querido


  16. excellent orange colours!congratulations

  17. I was most pleasantly lost in those orange trees.

  18. Preciosas todas las fotografías.... Esos tonos dorados, encancadores...

    Saludos y un abrazo!

  19. For seeing life in red and yellow...

  20. J'adore la calligraphie qui représente "congratulations", tellement explicite !
    J'adore la porcelaine japonaise, quelle belle tasse au point qu'on oserait à peine s'en servir !
    J'adore cette série magnifique d'arbres à la couleur orange automnale, qu'on aimerait eux toucher pour se ressourcer de leur belle énergie !
    J'adore votre raffinement que nous caressons du bout de nos yeux !

    Bien à vous.

  21. Hello Ruma,

    I like all the colorful leaves in your photos. I don't remember ever seeing colorful leaves when I was in Japan. But I am sure they were there and I just missed them.


  22. Pues si, a mi como me enloquece el rojo estoy encantado de verlos. Si estuviese alli trataria de pintarlos.

  23. Wonderful! so relieving I like to see that tree in person.

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