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Friday, September 24, 2010

Calligraphy in the Landscape

Why do I continue blogging?
I seem to have arrived at the one of the answers.

There is my calligraphy in the autumn beautiful scenery.

Here is Poland. And I contributed the work "ZEN".
My Japanese calligraphy" 2010.09.08

Yes, it is so.  My calligraphy passed abroad for the first time.
There seems to be totally
the tokonoma of my house.

This scenery was photographed by joo.
"Urban stories" and "Daily haiku".  She is the author of those blogs.
This post is her and my collaboration.

I thank friends around the world that is interested in Japan, Japanese culture.

"禅 ZEN"   It may be a long journey of the Self-Awareness.
The calligraphy did a trip from the Far East to the far-off Europe.

The line.  The shape.  The placement...
The character expresses are myself, and ultimate technical expression.

The part of my soul will lie there eternally.
It is joy to become the part of the beautiful scene...

"Japanese Calligraphy in the polish landscape"
Thank you, joo.


  1. Un perfecto lugar para poner tu caligrafía, unas fotos y lugares preciosos, en este primer día de otoño, un saludo Ruma

  2. Your calligraphy and the landscape go very well together. language is also a part of nature.

  3. Hello Ruma

    This is really great..... everything is so sharp and has beautiful light.

    greetings, Joop

  4. Perfect shots. The calligraphy and the landscape are very harmonious. I always enjoy your blog.

  5. Thank you Ruma! It's fascinating to see those photos in your blog. I feel really honoured,
    Thanks again:)

  6. Hi Ruma.....
    what a nice bright picture, they go well together with you Galligraphy....
    the sharpnes and exposure are very good...


  7. lovely settings Ruma quite unusual seeing a european background to something so ethnically Japanese.

  8. Precioso entorno para mostrar tu estupenda caligrafía. Buena mezcla¡ Saludos

  9. Bellas imágenes, Ruma, donde resplandece tu elegante caligrafía. Gracias, amigo, por mostrarnos la riqueza de la cultura japonesa.

    Un abrazo,


  10. Siempre tus imágenes me transmiten paz, haces que sienta más cercana tu cultura junto a tu armoniosa caligrafía.

    Un cordial saludo desde España

  11. J'aime toujours ces calligraphies !

  12. :)) Aaah!! I knew it! This landscape seems to me familiar.. :)
    sending kisses:*

  13. Bonitas fotos y quizá para mí imposible de entender lo que escribes... pero lo entiendo como hermoso. BESITOS Y SALUDITOS DESDE ESPAÑA.

  14. As you know, your work is very appreciated. Don't stop blogging, don't stop sharing with us your pictures and your feelings. We are here to spend time with you, as you spend your time watching our blogs. Thank you for the great job!

  15. What beautiful scenery, with the gathering dark clouds, in the one picture and the stacked firewood in the other, waiting for the approach of winter. Your beautiful calligraphy fits right in the scene, Ruma!

  16. ♥ Olá, amiga!
    Combinação perfeita... caligrafia japonesa e paisagem de inverno polonesa...♥
    Bom fim de semana!

  17. Great concept! Beautiful scenery! Stunning shots!
    Loving your photography, and please don't stop blogging, don't stop sharing the beauty of your work with us!!

    Thanks so much!

    B :)

  18. Oh, now I finally understand what you mean by the title of your blog "Calligraphy in the Landscape."

    As always great photos!

  19. It's so beautiful! You're caligrafy looks good in every place! Best wishes, Nadia

  20. Siempre estupenda, la forma de decir las cosas... De transmitir.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  21. Nous serions nombreux et très tristes si vous deviez arrêter toutes ces beautés de cœur et d’esprit que vous nous offrez sur votre blog. S.V.P. Ruma n’arrêtez pas. D’avance merci beaucoup.

  22. Your photos are very inspirational along with your words in calligraphy. They tell stories and display life.


    I do adore it; what a beautiful and interesting ART WORK....!!

    NATURE and FINE ART; a magnificient, unique COLLABORATION!

    Have a sunny and happy week, Ruma!!

    ciao ciao elvira

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